Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Milestones! 115 Pounds Lost

Wow, what a fun trip to the scale it was today! I knew I was due for a drop, and felt like it was happening. My body is still changing all the time, even though the weight loss has slowed down (thank you, wine and crispy bread sticks).

OMG. I just typed out "115 pounds lost" in my title line. Astounding. I can't even PICK UP 115 pounds. And now it's gone from me. Yay!

Also, I got to mark off another goal from my list to the right - A BUCK AND A HALF! Me! I weigh less than 150 pounds! So that's goodbye to the...
and 150s. :)

Great day! I have my two-week post-op appointment this afternoon with my WLS/gallbladder surgeon. I have a date with a new guy tonight, eep! I've been talking to him a couple weeks. Seems very nice, very has-his-act-together. I don't anticipate he'll be offering to rub my feet and feed me chocolate covered strawberries. This man, we'll call Navy, because, well, he was in the Navy. (I was going to say Popeye at first, but then I thought, gosh, what if I really end up liking him, and I've got this Popeye thing going in my mind??) Anyway - very nice guy and as far as my own health and positive track for my life, probably a better match. He plays volleyball and bikes and loves to be on the water. More than anything, I love to be in, on, or around the water, but it just doesn't work out that way very often for me.

We're meeting for dinner and I am greatly looking forward to it. I am still seeing Cappy, we went to dinner last night and had a great time. But we're just buddies at this point. Not sure if that will change, or if I want it to change. I enjoy him so much, but have hit a real frustration point and am losing interest quickly. But as a friend - he is just so fun to be with, it's hard to give up. But I am looking for love, and he is looking for companionship. I love his companionship, DAMN, he is fun - but I know I can find someone who brings both to the equation.

Woohoo! Back to walking on air for finally breaking out of the 150s. EIGHT POUNDS TO GO to my first goal! AMAZING!! This is gonna happen, baby!!


  1. Congratulations on such a great achievement! :)

  2. Nice job, girl! Looking forward to hearing about your date with Navy.

  3. Congrats, Julie. Love your cute haircut and your skinny shadow!

  4. Congratulations!! Way to go!! WOW :) Love reading your updates...

  5. OMG sista, you are rocking it!!!! (Well minus the wine and bread, but hey a girl has her priorities, right?) Have fun on your date, can't wait to hear all about it!