Friday, February 10, 2012

Boy Crazy

It's not as fun as it sounds. :) But I did have a totally great first date with Navy last night. He was super nice, and lots of fun to talk to. We went to dinner at The Rock Wood-Fired Pizza. It's a yummy small chain around here. Kim, one is opening in Hillsboro, OR soon. It's good.

What I liked about Navy: when I walked up to him outside the restaurant, he exclaimed, rather genuinely, it seemed, "Wow, you're adorable!" This is not a bad way to start any evening. :) He went on to say I was even cuter than my pictures, and he liked my pictures. He also complimented my hair, and I even said that I had done a real bait and switch on him with that one, as my hair was long in the picture he first saw, then after we started talking, I got my hair cut. He had seen the same picture I posted here, but still, it was pretty dramatic, haha.

Anyway, very nice guy and I had a great time. He was easy to talk to, and we have a lot of the same interests, and he's just an all-around appealing guy. He asked if he could see me again this weekend, and I happily said yes. Then he texted when I got home, said he had a great time and he was looking forward to seeing me again.

I've been feeling pretty great about the whole thing, but then I have to say we took a bit of a stumble this afternoon. I think the ship has been righted (ooh, that's an appropriate analogy for Navy!). We'll see.

This afternoon, we had been texting back and forth a bit, and then, completely unexpectedly, he says he "has to get to the gym after work or he'll be cranky." And he sends me one of those awful shirtless-man-in-the-bathroom-mirror pictures. Sigh. (Okay - before I start complaining, I'll just say it - he's cute! And, while I hate shirtless man in the bathroom mirror pictures, he's definitely packing some heat under that shirt. Working out, volleyball, etc. It pays off.)

Ugh, but those pictures feel so skeezy to me. And with online dating - you see a whole lot of those pictures. And you get a whole lot of skeezy messages. Getting that from him was so unexpected, it really took the wind out of my sails, unfortunately.

I should toss out here, for the record, that I am NO PRUDE. :) Before the shirtless picture, I even told Kim that part of this guy's appeal is that he's a Scorpio, and I read up on them, and they are universally known as the sex machines of the zodiac. >;) So, no, I am not a prude. Heck, I could have a perfectly perfect platonic relationship with Cappy (I do, actually) and if that were enough for me, then I wouldn't be out there dating again, would I?

But still, what a bummer. Not one single bit of our many texts, phone conversations and now meeting have been skeezy or hookup-y or anything but fun and nice, getting to know a nice guy. We lost a lot of ground with that picture, because now I'm not nearly as excited to see him tomorrow.

However. :) He did ask me out for Saturday, and he did call this afternoon and he was the same very nice, very genuine guy that he has seemed to be from the outset. I think we're going to the Asian Art Museum tomorrow afternoon, that's the plan we're working on, anyway.

Anyway, I'm chalking it up to online-dating-really-sucks-and-being-single-is-hard. For men and women. Everyone steps in it now and then. I'm thinking of it like Animal Kingdom, where the male peacock has to puff out his chest a bit and show off the plumage. :) And hell, if I had a body like that, I'd probably be sending y'all shirtless photos, too, and posting them here on the blog.

Hopefully we'll be back on track tomorrow. And tonight, I'm going out with Cappy, although I'm running a bit skeered on that one, too. We're going to, uggggghhh, one of the hippest places to dance in Seattle. Underground dance music scene. Closes at 4am, reeks of BO, according to the yelp reviews. I am already feeling ancient. WTF am I supposed to wear to something like this?

(Secretly, or not so secretly, I adore Cappy. Just adore him. But we are not right for each other. He needs some offbeat club girl who would jump at the chance to do this tonight. I will always feel uncomfortable at places like this. I am, after all, 42 years old and I don't dance. I need some mainstream boy that will do more than barhop - well, that's not fair, Cappy and I have lots of fun shopping and hitting cool stores and such. But while he is fun, fun, fun it is seeming less and less likely that there's anywhere to go with this other than out for the evening occasionally.)

I am secretly willing him to change his mind - ugh, ugh, ugh. I am not hip. I am not underground dance music. Gosh, I have so much fun with him, and I know if we do this, it will be a blast, but every cell of my body is yelling....ddooooooooonnnnnnnn''''''ttttttttttt gggggggggooooooooo!

You would think it would be fun to have two men to spend the weekend with. Instead, I'm a little, "Hmm, maybe it's not so bad being single. I should take up knitting." :) Tonight, Cappy; tomorrow, Navy; Sunday, plans in the works with Cappy. We'll see what the weekend brings.


  1. I know how this ends, so will reserve comment until after your next post.

  2. Too many men, so little time, what's a girl to do. LOL! Sounds like a fun weekend. Do Cappy and Navy know that you are spreading the wealth? Just curious, since I thought things were going well with Cappy (sorry probably missed a few posts along the way!) Sorry if I missed something!