Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yessssssssss. That's What I'm Talking About.

Oh my! Great date last night! Me likey.

First off, he picked me up from work, since we live a fair distance from each other in opposite directions, but both work downtown. We figured it would be easier to start together rather than battle traffic. When I came out of the building, he was standing on the sidewalk in front of his (very clean) truck, waiting for me. So sweet.

Oh, I had taken the elevator with my Sugar Daddy, who wanted to walk out with me to catch a glimpse of this guy, but I told him NO WAY. And I was glad, too, because there he was on the sidewalk (a nice touch) and I would have felt silly giving him a hug and a kiss with my SD there watching and taking notes, haha.

And you'll have to forgive my hypocrisy about the very clean truck and all the other hypocritical things I say. Because I am so impressed by a clean vehicle, but mine is a dungeon, filled with gawd only knows what filth. Had his been messy, though, it would have skeeved me out.

Okay, so, we headed over to the Chinese restaurant, which is very close to my house. I really liked that he didn't press me at all about where I lived, or "show me your house," etc. He seems to be super cool about respecting boundaries, and after some of these dates I've had, I'm becoming more and more into boundaries, haha. We had a great time at dinner, and he sat on my side of the booth with me and held my hand, and it was just nice, nice, nice!

Afterward, we went to see "This Means War," which was actually a perfect date movie. It's a rom-com, but it's got a fair amount of shoot 'em up stuff for the men. We had a great time. :)

This was really great - on the way back to my car, he was ON IT asking when he can see me again. I have the kids this weekend but we're having dinner tonight. And this was great, he said he really likes me and is looking forward to getting to know me. Said that he doesn't need to date around, and while I don't have to, he is going to take down his online profile so we can see where this goes.

And holy smokes, can this man kiss. Seriously. I think those were the best kisses I've ever had in my life - and I've done some kissing in my lifetime. I can seriously feel my face flush just thinking about it now. OMG.

O.M.G. - you know I took down my profile in a heartbeat. (Which, to be fair, I did with Cappy very early on, too. And I told him when I was throwing in the towel and putting it back up, haha. I'm not good at, nor interested in being good at, dating multiple people. I'd rather pull one thread and see if the whole sweater unravels before I pull on another thread. What a strange analogy, yes?)

He is very interesting. He gardens, and even cans the stuff he grows, which I found very cute. He fishes, and cans and smokes what he catches. He's got a great motorcycle he rides during the nice weather, he's got a boat he takes out fishing and crabbing, etc. He's more of a homebody than me, but I put out some feelers about his willingness to go do stuff that I like, and he was totally cool.

Really looking forward to continuing this little saga to see how it goes. :)

ETA: And what a convenient time to quit smoking, too, because I'm telling you - those kisses were so great, I won't do anything to risk not getting more of them, haha. No smoking? No problem! Even if I didn't see him today, though, I was already planning on not seeing Cappy tonight (normally we get together on Thursdays) because my non-smoking status is still too perilous.

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  1. Well I really need my kids to start occupying themselves a bit better on the weekends b/c I felt like I was missing an episode of my favorite show. I had to DVR it and come back to see what happened!! Well woweee this sounds like a great beginning! I'm very excited for you. But I have to ask one question...who is the sugar daddy? I went back to the timeline you posted and can't find him. Is he in the footnotes? lol