Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Groundhog Day: I Saw My Own Shadow!

Who is that girl?
Last week, on the way out of my post-op check with the surgeon, it was gloriously sunny. And as I was walking out to the car, I did a double-take on my own shadow. Who dat girl? I think, sometimes, the reality of my changing body is best seen in little moments like this. I remember months after my surgery, I was walking down the sidewalk and someone opened a glass door as I walked by. I caught a sudden look at my reflection, and it was such a strange sensation. Seeing me, but not seeing what I expected.

Anyway, that was the kind of funny moment I had when I saw my shadow on Groundhog Day. A happy little double-take! I've still got a little ways to go, as you can see. But, wow, what a difference.

I am stuck at 151. This is because I eat crunchy bread and drink to excess. Well, no drinking since my surgery, but I have definitely been drinking more often than I ever have. (Not in a "oh, she's drinking to excess" way, although I did, of course, just say that I am drinking to excess. I am drinking too much to be able to reasonably expect to lose weight.) And so, while I get myself back on track, the scale has refused to budge one little bit. It's great, actually, to be back to work, because I eat much less when I'm at work! As much as I would love to be a wealthy lady of luxury, I think if I were, I'd actually just lay around and watch TV and eat. :)

My near-eleven-year-old son actually did me an inadvertent favor RE: crunchy bread. Last weekend was my daughter's slumber party, and we went to a specialty bakery to get a cake. While there, I bought a POUND of bagel chips (okay - it was $4/pound, and it turns out a pound is about a grocery bag full, haha). And a pound of skinny bread sticks. Apparently, I lost my ever-lovin' mind while at the bakery. I told myself the girls would eat it for snack food, but really?? They wanted cheetos, not pepper bread sticks. They did eat a lot of the bagel chips. I ate the rest.

Leaving me with the pepper bread sticks. Yum. I have been eating waaaaaaay too many of them, always at night before I go to bed. Seriously, I should get some counseling for this nighttime eating. Well, my son is currently grounded within an inch of his life (and yes, he did call my ex to report what a horrifically bad mother I am) for egregious and unacceptable behavior. And last night when I went to munch on my bread sticks, I saw that he had retaliated by PULVERIZING my bread sticks! I actually found this pretty hilarious in a I'm-gonna-beat-that-boy way. Besides my bread sticks, he also disconnected the TV cable box in my bedroom. I guess if he doesn't get TV, then neither do I, haha.

I have dating updates to share, but I will come back to that later, gator.


  1. LMAO at the pulverizing the know when I was kid my dad was trying to quit smoking and the rule was if we found the cigrattes we got to destroy them. It became a game and he quit shortly after and my brother and I kept finding them.

  2. this makes me laugh. the other day when i was skating outside i was like...omg my shadow has an hourglass longer a blob! You are doing so great and are so inspiring :)