Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sleepwalking Carb-Monster

Doh! I have always been a sleepwalker. It comes and goes, depending on what's going on in my life. When I was a kid, I was always up roaming around, waking up my parents with weird conversations and such. Yikes! None of my kids are sleepwalkers or sleeptalkers, thank goodness, as it would freak me out!

I haven't walked in my sleep in awhile, although I know I've confused poor G, the world's lightest sleeper ever, several times with talking in my sleep. See, I can be quite convincing that I am actually talking to *you,* when in reality my brain is completely checked out of the conversation. So if I mumble in my sleep, which immediately awakens him to (foolishly) ask, "Huh?" then my subconscious takes this as an invitation to chat. Oh, about pumpkins, or pickles, or how I thought I was on the treadmill but it turned out I wasn't, or whatever nonsense is going on in my mind. I am also really good at the "startle awake," which will make you think I was startled awake, but is really just my subconscious pretending to be awake. I'm asleep, baby, I won't have a freaking clue what we talked about the next morning.

So I wasn't terribly surprised when I woke up with a bag of tortilla chips in bed with me this morning. Uh, and tortilla chips all over my sheets. Looks like I threw a little fiesta in bed last night! It's been awhile since I ate in my sleep. Boy, when I used to take ambien, it was like a freaking food party in bed pretty regularly! (I *always* believe those crazy "I did this preposterous thing while on ambien" stories, because that pill made me do some crazy shite.)

Tortilla chips. How badly has my little subconscious wanted some carbs? Pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzeeee. Pretty pleeeeezzzzzzzeeeeeee. PLEASE. NOW! Okay, you asked for it - I'm in control now! Get up and get some chips!! Smash them into your pillow, too!

Huh. I'll have to ask my boys if they saw me, because they slept in the living room. I have the vaguest shadow of a memory of checking them or the front door or something. No chip-eating memory whatsoever. Subconscious diet sabotage doesn't count. :)

Freakout weight: 149.9
Today's weight: 140.3
Freakout factor: Hey, did I tell you I made goal?? Not freaked!

I am skipping the dairy and gluten this week (my tortilla chip party last night was at least gluten free). I ate some regular stuff yesterday: two hard-boiled eggs, some sliced deli turkey, a salad w/ kidney and garbanzo beans and beets. A very small California roll from QFC. Probably half a nectarine.
On the running front, I ran six miles on the treadmill the night before last. This will be a learning experience for me. The outside of my left knee has bugged me since the half-marathon on 7/15. I have been pretty limited in what running I can do. On Monday, it felt fantastic and I felt fantastic, and it was a great day to be alive and it was a great day to be running. So I ran six miles. My knee doth protest. Greatly. Two or three miles and the knee probably wouldn't have minded. Six miles and I'm sidelined. Last night I kick-boarded twenty-five laps and soaked in the hot tub. Today I wore my running shoes and am hoping to go trail-walking after work at Greg's. 

I have a couple great half-marathon training books, and it is time to absorb them some other way besides osmosis, which is apparently not working for me. 


  1. lol. the visual of you waking up with bits of tortilla chips stuck to your sheets, hair, cheek, etc... well it makes me giggle.

    hope your carb monster behaves!!

  2. I know you love your shoes.....but if the pain still happens you may consider going back and getting them refitted. Or getting insoles. Could be just something in the shoe that is bothering you!

    AWESOME REACHING YOUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also didn't the PS tell you to stop losing weight?

  3. Osmosis Training Plan. There's a market for that.

  4. Eating in your sleep is just too funny!

  5. OMG your subconcious really took control about the lack of carbs, eh? LOL!

  6. hahaha, that's awesome...I woke up once in the living room with my phone to my ear, not sure if dialed anyone or not.....but never had a roll in the bed with some tortilla chips :D

  7. that would be sooo freaky to do that during sleep!! LOL I've known several people that do that though... thank goodness not me. I'd have to put locks on crap! LOL