Sunday, August 19, 2012

First 5K: Me and My Girl

My Bug and Me
We did it! My daughter and I did our first 5K this weekend: the Snoqualmie Railroad Days 5K. Jen from Runner Maybe was able to come out and join us, which was great. We all had a fun time. Our time didn't break any land-speed records (49:19), but the important part was that we set our sights on doing it, we did it, and we finished strong! I am so proud of my girl. She has been really earnestly working out since late May, when we re-joined the YMCA. She struggled yesterday, more than I expected, but I think that was due to the humidity and some allergies that have cropped up for her. Whatever's going on outside has her getting stuffy and having difficulty breathing.

I am so proud of her. She said that when we arrived, she got very nervous. She didn't show it! She's such a trooper, man, just getting in there and getting it done. Today, actually, we were going to go for a bike ride, but her bike had a flat tire. I suggested we walk the route instead. It turned out to be a very hilly five mile walk! She didn't complain once. I knew she was desperate to finish it, but she just kept on going. The most she said was "I'm never walking up that hill again." I said that she HAS to walk up that hill, because next time it will be easier. She said she doesn't have to walk up it because she learns from her experiences, and she knows from experience, walking up that hill sucks. Haha, it's no wonder she's already planning on law school and playing around with LSAT tests. :) She's taking a debate class this fall - it is going to be an interesting time in our house. ;)

For me, I am super excited about how super excited I am about exercise these days. NEVER IN MY LIFE. I've simply never felt this way. When my daughter's bike had a flat tire, I wanted to leave her I was so disappointed. After our five mile walk, I was *this close* to going on that bike ride alone, but I have been neglecting my chores at home, and I have a party to attend this afternoon for a friend. In fact, I am running quite late in getting ready for that party. :|

Also, I will have to update you on my other big adventure of the weekend: three dates in three days. Three different men. It has been fascinating, if not tiring. I am meeting the third tonight, on my way home from that party at a friend's. Of the first two, one was a great guy with no romantic connection, as I had been anticipating. Last night's date was great and I would very much like to see him again. Tonight's date is an equally intriguing prospect. I'll keep you posted.