Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moving On (Up)

What a long week! I'm still here, everything is fine. Today's weight was 137.5, a little surprising considering I have not eaten much *at all* this week. Partly not hungry, partly not wanting to open the door to my lifelong friend, Emotional Eating. I'm a bit afraid if I start, I'll never stop. :) I did go out with a friend last night and have two lemon drops, which I was very careful to precede with a slider burger so I didn't get sloppy drunk on an empty stomach, haha.

I'm going to wrap up the G. subject here and close the books on it. We talked yesterday. He was sorry he dumped me, especially in the way he did it, by text. He said he loves me. Briefly, it hung between us as a opportunity to stay together. Even though it was crappy timing (he told me during this conversation his daughter had ridden to the lake with a friend on Sunday who DROWNED while they were there, and she is inconsolable), I just pulled the plug on our little life-support relationship. He has so many stressors in his life - and I don't like how he handles stress. Breaking up with me by text completely out of the blue implies to me that he is so self-centered he doesn't see me as a real person. Or he can't assess how his lashing out like that would impact me. I could expound on this with other examples, but suffice to say it is a concern of mine.

Anyway. He's a good man and I had a great time with him. It just goes to show that the dating pool continued to get better and better as I went along, so I am quite excited about meeting the next good guy. I'm going to take a brief respite and get back out there.

It hasn't been all bad this week. I got to go out on the fire boat on Tuesday with my coworkers.

Coming soon to an online dating site near you.

With my sugar daddy. :)
This weekend will be fun: me and my gang are heading up north for a river rafting adventure that they have thoughtfully ended at a winery for lunch and wine tasting. I am very excited about it. The gang went on a similar trip the summer before last, but I did not go. I was too worried they would not have rain gear and a life vest that would fit me. I have no such concerns now! :)


  1. I am glad you found closure with G. You have a great attitude about it.

    Your upcoming trip sounds FUN! How wonderful it must be to not have to worry about lifevest & raincoats fitting!! ;)

  2. I'm glad you guys were able to clear the air about the breakup and I absolutely love your diagnosis...that however he deals with stress, trauma, and drama, it's not on the same page as you and that you guys can amicably move on. Easier said than done but I'm just so happy that you are happy with yourself and strong within to be able to not NEED this relationship to work in order to find your own self-worth. Wow that sounds like a lot of psycho-babble, hope it make sense!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend coming up.
    I'm glad you were able to talk things through with G. Onwards and upwards now.