Monday, August 27, 2012


Oops, if I don't update the blog more frequently, I start to forget things that have happened!

Like...I went on a nearly 21-mile bike ride on Saturday! I was ever so brave, riding across the I-90 bridge into Seattle (brave because I rode into Seattle, not because I rode across the bridge, haha). It was EXHAUSTING! It took longer than I thought, too, approaching three hours round trip.

Yesterday, I did my police volunteer shift, I've been lax on this for months. During the shift, I talked my partner into walking around Green Lake, about a three-mile walk. Because that's how we athletes roll: we are always looking for a chance to work out!

Today, instead of sitting poolside and watching Reid's swim lessons, I got my butt in the pool and kicked 28 laps while I waited. Then, after the lesson, I played in the pool with him, including going down the water slide.

Seems like there's been other work outs, too. I really have been a lot more physically busy these days. I love it. Love it. It's crazy to me: I never thought I'd get to this point!

It was kind of a crap weekend on the man front. Greg brought back the stuff I had at his house, as I asked him to do. So I was expecting it, but it still sucked, yes? I had been planning to go get it, but I had bought a big wicker papa-san chair from his neighbor's garage sale, and I had no way of bringing it home. So I asked him to bring it by for me.

I had two men on the bank roll going into the weekend ;) I'll recap:

- S. is a software engineer, age 50 (I'm 42). He quit his last job recently and was looking for work.
- T. is an IT guy for my favorite college. He's my age, or a year younger, even.

Okay, so I met S for the first time last Sunday evening, on my way home from an evening with friends. Here's what I blogged about him earlier:

Date #3
 has elevated in status. He's the tennis player software development engineer. Very, very nice. Texted me yesterday morning, called me last night as promised. We had a very fun time talking to each other. He texted me this morning to have a nice day. He's a good guy, and I am looking forward to seeing him again. Minor concerns have arisen about his employment status - a lot of these positions are contract positions and I gather he is not working on any of them right now. Admittedly, I do not understand the industry. He made a references to tight finances perhaps changing our plans for Saturday...this piqued my interest as you know what a security nut I am. Greg's online profile was absolutely atrocious, but the job listed said "county lineworker" which to me reads s-e-c-u-r-i-t-y. One of my most favorite things. :) But as far as Date #3 personally, he is just a cool guy. Me likey. We'll elevate him, but there's a little clouds in the sky to watch. 

We were supposed to go out Saturday afternoon. By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, I was fully irritated with him. Too many texts. Too much "sweety this" and "sweety that." For one thing, "sweetie" is spelled like that. For another, I spent an hour with you, bud, it's weirding me out that you're calling me sweetie. He just came on way too strong, way too fast. I was actually on my way up to our date when I got off the freeway, texted him that I wasn't coming and turned around. Can you say FED UP?

Unfortunately, I guess I wasn't clear, because he did not seem to get that I didn't want to see him again. My message was kind, but not unclear, I thought. Sort of a "hey, it was really nice to meet you, but I've decided to keep looking for my match" kind of thing. He texted back that he believes he's found his match. Sigh. I ignore.

The next day he texted and called and left a rather irritated message. Said he thought we had a connection (we did! he killed it!). Said he wasn't one to call a hundred times to find out what's going on (he was not demonstrating this skill, haha).

Anyway, I decided not to engage and just let my silence speak for itself. He didn't really do anything other than ring a whole lot of alarm bells in my head with his level of attachment and interest in me from a very early point. It's too bad, too, as he landed a $125K/year job last week. ;) But I cannot be bought. And plus, when he told me the details of that job, my first thought was, "Aren't you supposed to call your MOM and tell her this?? Not the chick you just met??"

Okay, T. is still my new man of choice. He's the one that OH, DID I NOT BLOG ABOUT THE BEST FIRST DATE EVER???? Wow!! Here's what I blogged about him early last week:

Date #4 (ooo, a new one!) has emerged as a dark horse! He emailed me through the site a couple times. I sure like his profile. Says lots of nice things about positive attitude and treating people right and enjoying life. A very nice guy. He emailed and asked if we could get coffee this week. We have been texting today, and I must say he has shot to the top of the list in terms of catching my interest. He is smart and funny - two of my favorite things. I hope to meet him soon. Plus, he works at my favorite college...good job and great mascot!

Gosh, so I didn't blog about our first date on Wednesday last week. Loved it. We sat at a restaurant and laughed our asses off for three hours straight. It was super fun. I considered him a full-blown supernova hot prospect. We planned to go out Thursday...which he canceled. And Friday...which he canceled. I said he's in IT at the college, right? Well, apparently, back to school time is a super-busy time in the IT world. I choose to believe this right now, but my interest is waning. I went out with my friends on Friday night, instead, although he and I did get together later in the evening for a bit. I am definitely charmed, but not fully engaged. I don't think this will be America's Next Great Romance. I think he has a very busy and unpredictable job. Or it's predictably just super time-consuming and busy. We'll see.

So, now T is my remaining prospect. I have a couple men who have been emailing, but I'm already nearing dating exhaustion. I think I'll dial back that pace and just focus on my athleticism. :)


  1. With your focus, you'll be a triathlete before we know it!

  2. WOW, you have some good list-keeping skills girl, definitely a smart move for the woman on the hunt!

    Yeah, creepy-misspelled-over-the-top guy would have me running the other direction too. Good call.

    Sounds like you are doing great fitting in exercise, can you motivate me please? :-)

  3. Im exhausted just READING about it! Jeez louise!
    You sexy mama!

    Good for you for taking all those exercising opportunities. It s a whole new world!!!

  4. I teach at a university, and I will verify that the start of the semester is a heavy tech week. Before the semester starts, everyone is moving offices and that requires computer set up and schedule shuffling. In addition, all classrooms have to be made ready.

    And when those classrooms aren't ready, it becomes a headache for me. On my first day of school, I was teaching 4 mixed-delivery classes (students have to do stuff online), and I couldn't get on the internet because there was something wrong with the wall plug.

    I was so worried I was going to have another problem Wednesday, but IT came through and fixed it all (or so I've been told; I find out for sure tomorrow).

    And that's just the classroom perspective. My university also has about 12,000 students moving onto campus and wanted to get online, and if something doesn't work, tech gets called. Classrooms, offices and dorms keep IT pretty busy in the weeks before the semester starts and for the first week as well (if not a couple weeks after).

  5. Wow. That is a lot of balls you are juggling (bwahahaha) ;)

  6. Haven't been by to check on you lately and looks like you've broken up with the man you were with since the last time I was here. I'm sorry!! But it sounds to me like you're getting back out there. I'm curious what online dating site you are using to get so many hits. Or maybe your profile is irresistible! then again you are pretty awesome so how can they resist?!