Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bloaty Update

I had some serious dental work done a week ago, and I confess I was popping pain pills like candy through Saturday. I haven't had a dookie in a week, ugh! This morning when I was getting dressed, I admired my Buddha belly in the mirror and marveled at how swollen I am. Yuck. I guess even with having my gallbladder out, which people told me would make constipation a thing of the past, with my sleeve surgery, I am just prone to constipation. Of course, in this case, I was hopped up on pain pills and whatever is in them that is constipating.

It's so uncomfortable I walked down to the drugstore and bought laxatives. And I'm planning on leaving work early, because how badly do I NOT WANT to have to poo on the bus home?

Silly me. I let this go on too long, and I am paying the price. I just hate dealing with it.

On a weight loss front, I will say that it is interesting being of a normal-ish weight (I am feeling fat and bloated right now) and having these problems. Even Sabrina in my office this morning commented on my gut. :) When I was obese, swelling and bloating were just par for the course. I wore stretchy pants so I didn't notice too much in terms of changes. Today I was gasping at how tight the jeans are over my belly.

Anyway. Don't you worry, I'll go poop. Let's talk about boys. Then we can talk about working out.

The Contestants:
Date #2 from yesterday's post, the single dad with three young'uns, has been downgraded to questionable status. I haven't heard from him since his text Sunday morning about "nice to meet you, can I see you again." Will I? Won't I? Not sure! We're going to put him on the sidelines, anyhow, even though I did really like him and his body.

Man up and get in the game.

Date #3 has elevated in status. He's the tennis player software development engineer. Very, very nice. Texted me yesterday morning, called me last night as promised. We had a very fun time talking to each other. He texted me this morning to have a nice day. He's a good guy, and I am looking forward to seeing him again. Minor concerns have arisen about his employment status - a lot of these positions are contract positions and I gather he is not working on any of them right now. Admittedly, I do not understand the industry. He made a references to tight finances perhaps changing our plans for Saturday...this piqued my interest as you know what a security nut I am. Greg's online profile was absolutely atrocious, but the job listed said "county lineworker" which to me reads s-e-c-u-r-i-t-y. One of my most favorite things. :) But as far as Date #3 personally, he is just a cool guy. Me likey. We'll elevate him, but there's a little clouds in the sky to watch. 

This man knows how to work it.

Date #4 (ooo, a new one!) has emerged as a dark horse! He emailed me through the site a couple times. I sure like his profile. Says lots of nice things about positive attitude and treating people right and enjoying life. A very nice guy. He emailed and asked if we could get coffee this week. We have been texting today, and I must say he has shot to the top of the list in terms of catching my interest. He is smart and funny - two of my favorite things. I hope to meet him soon. Plus, he works at my favorite college...good job and great mascot!

Interest: piqued.

Date #5 can't really be considered a contender at this point. But he emailed me this morning, and he is cute, cute, cute and says wonderful things like "I just finished my masters degree." I emailed him back a brief note of thanks for his very kind email, which I will share with you here. How fun is it to receive this first thing in the morning?
Wow... You are very pretty and your smile is out of this world. :) my name is Eric. I liked your profile and very much wanted to say hi. I would love to chat with you some, so if you are interested  please feel free to message me. :)
Nicely done, sir. Flattery will get you everywhere.
Finally, I was going to talk to you about working out, but I am feeling a little sorry for my bloated body right now and exercise is just not on my mind. We'll come back to that later!


  1. ahhh a post about poop and men.....the best part is on your list of bloggers you follow - the first post says "full of crap"....I see a theme

  2. oooo busy busy. as for the poop front, I take Vitafusion chews. One in the morning and one at night. Fiber gummies. Regular like crazy ever since. Might be worth a shot? (I used to poo every third day)

  3. Oooh, thanks for the man update, I so admire your keeping tabs on these guys and doing the mental checklist...so smart of you!

    And I hope your, um, problem gets resolved soon. :0