Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Zero-Loss Week, and I Earned It

Well, I think the scale is being a *little* harsh - it could have given me a little sumpin sumpin. But I'll take my lumps. Last weekend's munching on party food did me no favors. And even though I didn't go overboard again, I continued to munch on the occasional handful of fortune cookies, or a few Cheetos, throughout the week. Until Thursday, when I realized the only reason I was eating this crap was...(drumroll please)...

Because it was in the house.

So I threw it all away. Party is over, and party food needs to leave the building. I need to be vigilant about this sort of thing. I can resist sweets. No problem, really. I don't go out of my way to buy them, I don't think too often about them. It's snacky carbs that call me in the evening. Crackers, croutons, popcorn, even fortune cookies (which I love) and Cheetos (which I really do not like much at all).

Still, mean old scale  - I didn't eat enough to kill my weight loss. Jeez, I hardly eat much at all! A couple slices of turkey for breakfast, a meatball for lunch - even with a few fortune cookies, I should get some recognition on the scale.

Hrumph. I am chalking it up to a combination of events. Party food and what I will deem a six-week slowdown, that ends promptly at the strike of...NOW.

I'll do my part. I expect you to reciprocate, Mr. Scale.

Edited to give myself a little love:

Measurements from morning of surgery / today (6 wks 4 days post-op)

Waist: 49.5/44.5
Left arm: 17.25/15.5
Right arm: 16.5/16
Hips: 49/43
Left thigh: 27.25/25
Right thigh: 28/26
Left calf: 17.5/16.5
Right calf: 18/16.5
Neck: ---/15.75 (did not measure day of surgery!)
Chest (under boobs) -----/40.5 (did not measure day of surgery)
Chest (around boobs) -----/50 (did not measure)


  1. When are you going to post about your big 5k training?

  2. Some times the scale just doesn't show love! That is when I look at measurements to find that improvement.