Friday, February 18, 2011

Nuts!! (and Minus 35!)

Yeah, baby. That's 35 pounds down the drain. I'm so happy! AND...a paltry one hundred pounds to lose! (Hey - that didn't feel as good to type as I thought it would...hmm) Anyway, when you hear about weight loss surgery, there always seems to be this tagline of "Do you have more than 100 pounds to lose?" or "Are you more than 100 pounds overweight?"

NO. I AM NOT. Thankyouverymuch.

There, that felt better. I knew there was a positive spin somewhere. :) Plus - the hundred pounds is based off my goal weight of 128 pounds. I set it because a) I wanted to be within the "normal" BMI range (this would be 138.5 pounds or less), b) I wanted to be in the 120s, and c) I needed a number, so I chose a BMI of 23 in honor of my friend Kim ( I just looked at the Weight Watchers weight range  and it says I should be between 113 and 141 pounds. We'll see. Goal weight feels very far off, so I am not going to lock in too hard on a number until I get into the ball park.

Anyway! This post is not just about setting and meeting goals - it's about nuts, too! As in, I hate nuts in my oatmeal. But I do like nuts. And I like oatmeal. When you buy oatmeal from SBUX, you get a little packet of nuts, which I always tossed in my desk drawer. Now, I have a drawer full of nut packs (does that sound dirty?) and a teeny tiny stomach.

Solution found! I was sitting at my desk, not wanting to waste money on buying food I can barely eat. But I was getting h-u-n-g-r-y. I stumbled on a nut pack. Fifteen grams of nutty breakfast goodness, the SBUX "Nut Medley." Ten grams of fat and only two grams of protein - hmm, that doesn't sound right. Nuts should have more protein.

Would you believe that fifteen grams of nuts leaves me FULL? Madness. I told a friend last night when I was all filled up on a potsticker (What did you have for dinner last night? Oh, I had a potsticker. Deeelissh. And SO filling!), that I think my surgeon decided to help me out by giving me a teeny tiny sleevy. Not complaining. :) The fact that last Friday I celebrated my 30 pound lost, and this Friday, my 35 pound loss, well, I am feeling pretty darn good about my teeny tiny tummy.

Plus, I'm a very cheap date. I ventured into alcohol last night, having approximately one ounce of a mango punch (yum!) and one potsticker. My buddy got the other five potstickers and the rest of my drink. My surgery is working out well for her, too!


  1. Get down here so we can go out and I can finish your yummy drinks for you!
    You write about nuts, I write about balls. Hmmm...I know what's really on our minds.

  2. Hey Julie!
    A picked out her towel all by herself. However, I did convince her to get a Nike t-shirt that says,"Your Mom pays me to go easy on you", that she refuses to wear to basketball practice.

  3. How did the nuts feel in your sleeve? I have thought about trying them. I thought they would be more than 2g protein, though!