Saturday, February 5, 2011

Minus Twenty-Five, Baby!

Now, there's a number I can get behind! How exciting! The scale is really reflecting all the changes in my life, and I am so grateful! I am officially lighter than I've been in recent years, or recent memory. I remember the scale hitting 237-ish when I was working out all the time after the divorce. Now I'm back at 237-ish again! (Yes, sadly, the weight did bounce up that much after all the working out, plus quitting smoking. This was a big factor in my decision to have weight loss surgery, actually. All my "wins" were always offset by such huge losses - and I couldn't tolerate my weight going any higher.)

But today is not a day of regrets or recriminations, it's a celebration, baby!! Gone are the 260s, the 250s, and the 240s. SEE YOU AROUND, SUCKERS! Don't let the door hit you in the (fat) ass on the way out!

I am happy, happy, happy this morning, and feeling pleased with the direction I'm taking my bod. This morning, a good friend is coming over to help me go "Clean House" on this little condo. I'm armed with a winning attitude, a 10% off coupon from the Container Store, and an OCD neat-freak buddy who is going to help me go freaky on my disorganized castle.

Have a great day, everyone!