Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Lookin' for a New Love, Baby, a New Love...

Yipes, how much does that song date me?

Ahh, the changing relationship with food. Tonight, I am going out with a wonderful friend for a fun evening. We started talking about where to go to dinner. I am thinking dim sum, haha. I'll have a little soup and a little gnosh of something.

Or sushi. Gimme a piece of sashimi.

We decided on the old standby restaurant where I know we can split the tofu, and I'll eat half a slice. :) Maybe a little soup.

Today, I was thinking strategically about lunch. Well, if I eat my yogurt at 9:00, I can go for a walk and get a cup of soup and eat at my desk at 1:00. Maybe earlier, so I will have some interest in eating after work with my friend. Oh, but I need to get my liquids in, too. Hmm. Better eat the yogurt now. Lunch earlier, so I'm not still full at dinner.

Dilemma? Ugh, I am only looking at food in terms of what has the most protein, so I can stop thinking about what I'll eat.

Last night for dinner, I had two IKEA meatballs (frozen). For breakfast, these yoplait lemon torte parfaits are so flippin good they should be illegal. Oh crap!! I was just going to post that they are sugar-free (and other nutritional information) but THEY ARE NOT! Now, how did I do that? I've been buying the S/F pudding and S/F jello and S/F blah blah blah. I honestly thought these were sugar free. Strange. Sigh. Well, I guess I won't be buying those again, not for awhile anyway. Too bad. Lurrve them.

So, I'm both not at all interested in food, and simultaneously mourning the loss of food. What in the hell will me and my buddy do for the 3.5 hours between work and the event we're going to at 7:30?? Not eating, not having drinks?? I am at a bit of a loss. :) The plan is to grab a bite (literally) then drive to the event, hang out walking around in the neighborhood until the show starts. Should be do-able.

When you try to re-build a social life without food as the center, it is an almost mind-boggling problem. My daughter's birthday is this week: I am trying to think of how to celebrate without a big dinner and cake. So far, I've decided on yummy specialty cupcakes. But at some point, I will have to take her to a vegetarian restaurant, as I've promised for months.


  1. Oh my gosh, do you have a Whole Foods near you? I had lunch there yesterday with my vegetarian for 30 days husband. It is so awesome, so many choices...I may never eat lunch anywhere else again.

  2. It'll be fine - you can just nibble around on something and take the rest home for son/daughter/husband or the like. I like to order food that packs away well, so I don't end up with something that looks like a half eaten mess - for example, I like to get sliders now, I can eat one (or part of one), a few fries and take the rest home for hubby who gets a 2 slider meal with fries that looks like it's brand new and not left-overs. It's probably cold enough in WA so you can leave it in the car?

  3. If that song makes you old, then I am old. lol I wonder too about the social part of eating. Can't imagine it. :)