Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unexpected Challenges

I am a total blog-hound these days. I can't get enough reading about WLS, especially the VSG. So, if you're one of the blogs I follow (or haven't found yet!) I implore you to blog often for my benefit. :)

Myself, I am doing quite well, thank you! My weight has creeped down a half pound or so each of the last couple days, so I'm in uncharted territory once again. I am hopeful that I'm on the downhill slide of this weight loss journey!

At the risk of TMI, because this blog is chronicling my experience with VSG, I'll speculate a bit on 2-3 pounds I gained after surgery, shortly after experiencing a near-immediate drop of fourteen pounds. As I had read many times on, I started my period within a week and a half or so of surgery. And it drug on and on and on. I have a Mirena IUD, so I rarely have periods any more, but, as predicted, I started up and it lasted awhile. I think between the surgery, the weight loss and the cycle, my poor body was in some sort of shock. But the period has stopped, the weight loss has started, and everything seems to be moving forward swimmingly.

The couple challenges I'm experiencing right now: nothing big, just a bit of a surprise, and something I have to manage a bit.

1. I bought all this protein powder before the surgery, and absolutely cannot stomach drinking it. The only protein I can tolerate right now is the Premier protein chocolate drink from Costco. Anything else sounds vile to me. I had read about people's tastes changing following surgery, but I wasn't expecting this abrupt hatred. The Unjury chicken soup protein that I loved during my pre-op liquid diet sounds horrificly unpalatable. Bah. I have a cabinet full of protein powder that  I will not touch!

2. When I am hungry, a funny thing happens. My stomach is so physically limited, but once the "eat" light is turned on in my brain, it is hard to keep myself in sync. Today, I enjoyed a delicious turkey chili from Specialtys - actually maybe the best thing I've eaten post-op. So my tummy is ready to receive, but as I am eating and my tummy starts putting on the brakes, my head is still saying, "oooohhh, but this is sooooo goooood...." This will clearly be a challenge I'll have to manage, because overstuffing my stomach is about the most miserable thing I've ever experienced.

3. Staying hydrated. When the "eat" light is not on in my head - well, I'm not interested in eating or drinking. Just nothing. I had one day earlier this week when I realized that I had not eaten or drank for most of the morning/early afternoon. I am still concerned about dehydrating. I've managed this very carefully, making sure I always have a drink available. If it's around, I'll drink it.

3a. I have opted out of my surgeon's recommendation to avoid using drinking straws. I am trying to talk myself into following this request, but I find it annoying. If I buy it in a bottle or am drinking at home, no straw. But my SBUX iced tea at my desk? Straw.

3b. Not drinking while eating is very important, I can see, but WOW, that is a challenge!! Oh my, I didn't realize what a difficult habit this will be to break.

 4. Vitamins. Here's another "change in taste" issue. I bought vitamins online right after my surgery. I would rather eat paste than take these vitamin and calcium chewables. Yak! Do not like, do not like. I have heard that Costco has a liquid calcium citrate. I am going to buy that this evening, I think. Cannot tolerate these calcium chewables (and they must be calcium citrate, which is actually surprisingly limiting of your choices out there). Hate the vitamins, too.

These are my little gripes. Nothing too serious, for sure. All in all, I am doing extremely well 3+ weeks post-op! I feel great, I look great (healthy and happy), and I'm starting to see little changes in my body. Today I caught a glimpse of my collarbones. Hey - I'm not an invertebrate, after all!


  1. Sounds like we have had some of the same issues.

    Hopefully, they'll resolve for you soon enough.

    I don't ever want to use a straw.. But, I have an AWFUL time with the protein. I have a lot too! I even tried nectar. I can smell the protein and it just smells gross.


  2. Almost every sip of something I drink is through a straw! lol I have heard of tastes changing, but the only thing I could NOT tolerate after surgery was SF jello. Ick. Hey at least you have ONE type of protein you can tolerate. I just picked up Premier Vanilla now that Costco carries that (DH is having surgery soon so I wanted to stock up for him) hoping he likes it. Don't dispair yet, give it another week or so and try the stuff again, maybe your taste buds will have settled down.

    Hang in there!

  3. You are experiencing all of the challenges I had. The taste change is amazing because you really don't think it will happen to you but it does. :) The vitamins are also challenging but you will get through it. The no drinking is so important so stay on it. Glad to see you are doing well. We need to have a chat and catch up.

  4. Thanks for allowing Name/URL - I appreciate it!
    Congrats on the 25 pounds!
    I am totally with you on the vitamins and I am not even sure why I don't like taking them! I now have a regular multi vitamine which is HUGE, and I have added a "Skin, Hair and Nails" one into my mix. I thought about plain Biotine but thought with this I can get Biotine and some other stuff. They are huge too and worst of all, serving size is 3 of them!
    As for the protein, I am still loving the GNC Wheybolic Extreme Chocolate - GNC is no risk buying because you can return the open container - maybe something to try? If you just shake it, it is like chocolate milk and if you blend it in the magic bullet, it gets thick as a shake (help for taking pills).

  5. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your support and feedback muchly!!