Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something's Fishy!

(sashimi: n. A Japanese dish consisting of very thin bite-size slices of fresh raw fish, traditionally served with soy sauce and wasabi.)

Dinner the other night was a great success! We went to a sushi place and split an order of the sashimi salmon. Lots of wasabi and soy and even the ginger, and my tummy said: (drumroll please)


No aches, no pains, no burbling. Just YUM.

I had gotten the idea for sashimi from a Living Well, Eating Well After VSG. I love this blog, and wish she'd update it more often! In this post, she wrote about eating sashimi for breakfast - freezing it, taking off one or two slices before her shower and it was thawed by the time she was ready to eat. I filed this away in the back of my mind, because I already liked to eat it.

The fact that it was so EASY to eat, and pain free, etc. has me really thinking about what I am eating. The next morning, I had my little two ounce cottage cheese container for breakfast. After only a few bites, my stomach is aching and protesting. Until the Sashimi Incident, I had chalked this up to "recovering stomach."

Now, I am thinking, "severe lactose intolerance."

Other dairy things bother my stomach that way. Greek yogurt, for instance. I wasn't sure *why* it would seem so hard for my tummy, but yet, it just is not fun to eat.

I've decided to cut out the dairy. Not worth it right now.


Try to eat a low-carb, dairy- and gluten-free diet. Just try it. I feel like I should just carry a raw fish around in my mouth. I am researching, but basically...well, it's a whole foods type diet. (Oh! Yes! Speaking of Whole Paycheck Foods, Kim, I am very much a fan! More later!)

Well, I'll certainly lose a lot of weight with that. And that is a positive thing. But also, it has me in a bit of a food tantrum right now. And to top it off, my very heavy (and twelve years old today!) daughter insists on being a vegetarian. Trying to feed my family a low-carb, dairy- and gluten-free vegetarian diet?? Well, that just boggles the mind.

Opportunities. Not challenges. ;)

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  1. Forwarding you three emails of vegetarian meals I was sent by my followers.

    Also, the Whole Foods bakery! Gelato! Yummy for me!