Monday, February 7, 2011

Yeah, Baby - 90% of Me! (Second Mini-Goal Met)

Happy Monday! Okay, those goals were set pretty close together (losing 25 pounds, then losing 10% of my body weight). Oh well! I get to celebrate them both. :)

This morning, I was 236.6 pounds, which put me a teensy bit under the 236.7 I needed to qualify as 10% lost. Yay! Yesterday, I had my daughter take the dreaded bathing suit photos. I haven't compared them yet, but I will say that back on my surgery date when I put the suit on, it was like putting on a wet suit. Yesterday, it went on easily. Big changes are happening! Whether or not they'll be reflected in the photos, I'm not sure. Just from peeking at them on the camera, it appears things are looking better.

Still need better organization in my life and around my eating. This morning, I was going to bring a yogurt parfait and uh, a sugar free pudding. I am tired of cottage cheese. Didn't matter, because I forgot them both. So I redeemed my coupon for a free oatmeal from SBUX, as well as a soy chai tea latte. $7.50 worth of free goods from SBUX! (I am a registered card user, so it seems that I am always being bombarded with coupons for free stuff, yay!) Unfortunately, both coupons were wasted on me. I always have had to be careful about drinking chai tea on an empty stomach: it can give me a pretty immediate stomachache. This morning, my stomach said, "Seriously?" when I took that first drink. Uh, okay. You're not ready for chai. I was just trying to give you some protein from the soy milk, sheesh.

Similarly, when I got to my desk and took a bite of oatmeal. First bite: yum. Second bite: yum. Third bite: okay, that's enough. Yuck. Where's the cottage cheese?

Tomorrow I am four weeks post-op, and officially free to regular foods. I am supposed to swear off the protein drinks (not hard) and eat lots of dense protein. I can tell you, my stomach does not agree with this timeline. I'm close, but not there yet. Although...

I did have two meals of turkey sausage links this weekend. As in, a turkey sausage link for dinner, and a turkey sausage link for breakfast the next day. ROFL! Oh my, how my meals have changed. These sausages constituted *BIG* meals!

Last night, I picked at a can of tuna, straight out of the can, with the water in it. My children mocked me. I had a little bit, probably nowhere near an ounce. But my stomach tolerated it (and the sausage links) well. Things are definitely healing up.

I have one observation from all this reduced eating and extremely minimal caloric intake. I don't have a lot of energy. I feel good, I look good. But I am pretty tired, and tire easily. My workouts are floundering: my friend and I are taking a nice walk at lunch time, but I didn't go to the Y this weekend while the kids were away.

My house is in worse shape than ever. I've never had much energy to clean house, and since it is the most horrible task in the world, I pretty much suck at it, anyway. But my energy has actually been down, where it is a mess and I don't care.

I'm calling the hematologist today. I can't remember if I was supposed to come in a month after my last appointment (1/17) or six weeks. At my last appointment, my iron and vitamin D levels were normal, and they wanted to see how the levels sustained themselves after a period of time (I'm almost positive it was a month). Anyway, I'm wondering if that has something to do with my tanked energy levels.

Also, I bought liquid vitamins and liquid calcium citrate from Costco the other day but I keep forgetting to take it. I think getting those in would be very helpful - and certainly couldn't hurt!


  1. Julie, you had major surgery so your energy is going to be low. It is part of recovery. Just rest and take care of yourself and if the house needs cleaned let it stay that way for a while. :) The energy comes back.

  2. Thanks Jamie! I do tend to rush things - I kind of have already forgotten the "major surgery" part, haha. That was a good reminder. I start in right away with the "if you want to take this weight off, you need to be exercising, etc". Some odd part of my brain is always looking for an opportunity to beat myself up, I think, even when I am happily celebrating my successes.

    Patience, grasshopper.

    And I was thinking yesterday how wonderful it will be to have ENERGY. Right now it is unfathomable to me to think that it won't be enough to just veg out on the couch - when energy starts picking up, I'll be wanting to DO! Very fun to think about.

  3. The hardest part about having this surgery is that afterwards you FEEL so great because of all the changes your body is going through. It's so easy to forget you just had a major surgery. Just listen to the signs your body throws out at you. My body normally presents discomfort with side pains... that's when I know to slow down!

    Also, I HIGHLY suggest you take your pictures and put them side by side. It's AMAZING!! I took some "during" pictures after losing 50 pounds... and I was like THERES NO WAY I'M POSTING THEM! YOU CANT TELL! Well, I lied to myself! As soon as I put them next to each other OMG! It's INCREDIBLE. Plus, it's always a nice motivations!


  4. Yes, you definitely had major surgery and it is HARD because your head tells you that you are 100% ready to be back in the swing of things, but your body will protest. Walking was the only exercise I was allowed to do until 6 weeks post-op, then I went back to Curves and promptly pulled an ab muscle (ouch!) Rest when you can, and listen to your body. You are doing great!!

  5. You'll feel better once you get the protein in - it really gives you energy! I wasn't able to get the protein AND fluids in till 7 weeks post-op. Hang in there. If you wanna check out my blog it's
    Good luck!