Sunday, February 6, 2011

Intolerance - of the Lactose Variety

After weight loss surgery, they say, it is quite possible to become lactose intolerant. Well, I already was before the surgery, so I didn't let this particular side effect bother me too much. Difference being: I was *mildly* lactose intolerant. Have deep fried cheese sticks at Red Robin? Have cheese fondue? Be prepared to suffer, and suffer badly. Anything else? Ah, no problem in moderation.

Well. The other day, I was out and about, and I somehow convinced myself I could have a small McDonald's ice cream cone. It was about not wanting another protein shake, not wanting any soup, not wanting any "real" food that would give me a tummy ache. I've only had a handful of calories today (Today? HA!! For over a month, you mean.) So, yes, a small vanilla ice cream cone. I specifically asked them to make it small.

I couldn't eat all the way down to the cone, anyway, so I wasn't worried about overindulging. What I did not expect, however, was the HELL my little treat sentenced me to. Awful diarrea, stomach cramps, and, for the first (and hopefully last) time: horrible, horrible empty retching and unproductive vomiting.

Oh my. TMI, you say? Probably. But it's only fair to present all sides of the post-op experience. That was awful. It hurt. I was writhing in cramps and dry-heaving nasty foamies.

Lesson learned. Yeesh.


  1. I've had that happen to me. Oddly enough, it was when I ate some vanilla ice cream too!

    I don't have much sensitivity to lactose... It was just that one time =/

    Feel better

  2. oh no! My DH is lactose intolernat and he gets the same things from ice cream and many other dairy products. He can handle it in most cooked things, but if he over eats he gets the sypmptoms.

  3. Jes, I'll hold out hope, then, that this was a one time reaction for me, too!

    Jen, I have had trouble for years when I overindulge on dairy, but generally can have small amounts with no trouble. It is miserable! I actually went to the ER once, not knowing what was going on, but having such awful, awful cramps. Yuck.