Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sassy New 'Do

Woo boy! I wanted to do something different with my haircut, and did I ever get it! I really like it, but it is going to take a little time to get used to - good thing for me I'm home the rest of this week to get used to it and play with it. Today, it has sooooo much product in it. We were playing around with different things, talking about what would work best when I style it myself. Fortunately, he said it will be a pretty low-maintenance, self-styling cut. Today, it wasn't, haha. He played with it a lot.


  1. Love it. It changes the shape of your face. That Sabrina is good I tell ya.

  2. LOOKS GREAT JULIE!!! And look at you in your sassy cute shirt and jacket, woo hoo, gotta love a GOOD jacket! The new cut emphasizes your skinny chin! Who would have ever thought we would have SKINNY chins (after having multiple ones, that is!) Love the new cut!

  3. Love the new cut, totally agree it's sassy, now you should throw some highlights in it and be even more sassy ;)