Saturday, May 21, 2011

200 Squats Challenge

Whew! My legs are like jello - but I thought after months of stair climbing, I could probably knock out 200 squats on my first try, and I was right! Yay! 'Course, I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow, haha.

I just did my second day of the 100 Push Ups Challenge, I'll have to play catch up to keep up with Jen. On my first day, I just did the endurance test (maxed out at 10 push ups). Then on Wednesday, I did the day 2 work out (you do it 3x/week) and I missed it yesterday, so I just did it today, and maxed out at 10 again.

But squats? Yeah baby, I can kick some squats ass!


  1. 200 Squats! I did 50 walking lunges on Thursday and my legs still hurt!

  2. you go julie! I can't wait to start really working out and not just walking :)

  3. WOO HOO! That is awesome. And impressive!

  4. Oh, thanks guys, but it wasn't a well-thought out plan. :) My kids were laughing at me and my wobbly legs when we were out at the store, and I have a suspicion I'll be bed-ridden tomorrow. ;)

    But I did it!

  5. Wow, that is amazing. Not sure I'd be able to do more than 50.