Friday, May 13, 2011

Well, Welcome Back, Blogger!

Hmm, that was a little annoying - the blogger site was down for most of the day yesterday. Amazing how much I missed it!

I calc'd this out the other day and wanted to record it for's my weight loss by month:

Pre-Op Diet: 12/28/10 - 263 pounds

Surgery Date: 1/11/11 255 (-8)
Month One: 2/11/11 233 (-22)
Month Two: 3/11/11 220 (-13)
Month Three: 4/11/11 213 (-7)
Month Four: 5/11/11 201 (-12)

Hmm, I'll come back and put that in a table later.

Also, thank you and welcome to all my followers! I am so glad you are here, writing my WLS surgery has been really great, knowing I was sharing it with other people. I see the numbers have bumped up a bit, it wasn't too long ago when I was blogging about having 23 followers! Very happy to have you here, and if I'm not following your blog already, please leave me the address in the comments and I will!

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