Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stairs with Benefits

First off, like so many others (but not everyone, I see!) - I can't comment on blogger. Not from home, not from work. Very frustrating. I am reading, and dammit, I want Runner...maybe's buttered nuts giveaway as much as everyone else, but can't enter!! You should check out that giveaway so that you, too, can be desperate to try this stuff but unable to post an entry, hahaha.

Because of my sore thighs, (which are much better today, thank you) my buddy and I decided to re-introduce ourselves to the stairs slowly, by doing 20 flights for our morning run. HA! If ever there was doubt about how we've improved since starting this work out, it is gone now! We can knock out twenty flights NO PROBLEM! We weren't even breathing heavy, and talked the whole way. Very, very cool feeling. I remember when it was a huge struggle to go from 40-52 and only after immense peer pressure some cajoling would I even venture up to floor 60 with Barb. (When we started, we went from the main floor to mine, then she started continuing up the stairs to hers after awhile. Then I started going up to her floor and walking back down, and then we got SERIOUS about the work out and started adding flights.)

That's all I have right now. :) Busy day at work, just wanted to say that we are STAIR NINJAS!

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  1. i love running up stairs! Some may think I'm nuts, but to me it's fun! Unfortunately, I can't because I have an arthritic knee so will have to wait until I lose more weight and see if the knee isn't an issue anymore. Good for you Stair Ninja girl!