Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ha Ha I've Got You Figured Out (Well, Sorta)

Kudos to me, the Inspector Clouseau of my own body. Never one to know what the heck is going on with any given body part or system, today I think I nailed it.

I am bluesy as an all get out today. I am eating like they're about to stop making food, and I just feel like crying.

Why, hmm, when did I last start my period, anyway? Exactly three weeks ago! (When I first started writing this, I thought it was *four* weeks, not three, so I am feeling less excited and AH-HA about this post, but I'll leave it up anyway. Might as well see what happens with these cycles.) I have had that IUD for so long, I've lost all sense of what a "normal" cycle feels like. But I remember when I was tracking my periods on iPeriod last year, before I had the IUD replaced. Two days before my period started, I would feel sad as an all get out. Just really, really blue. Lonely.

Ah...good for me? Hmm, good for me for figuring it out , anyway. Now, why do I have to crash so hard when I'm about to get my period? Is this PMDD, instead of PMS? I don't know what PMDD is. I just watch tv commercials, haha.

Anyway, something to track. Could explain why I bought a (small) bag of taco-flavored Doritos on my car ride this morning, which I soon dumped out the window. I needed to, so I'd stop eating the damn things, which were making my stomach wad up in a protesting ball. I bought Chewy Sprees, too, which were even worse, agonizing from the get-go, and were also dumped to get them away from me. String cheese = yes, crap gas station food = NO.

To follow up on the Mirena IUD removal, just for the heck of it: I removed it 4/21, started my period with a vengeance on 4/23. 4/26 was the last day of my period and it looks like I'm coming up on it again. Wow - could I already be on normal cycles? Except for being a bit short for my usual (whatever that is), that seems like a pretty normal cycle. Yay me!

Oh, and I've lost 9 pounds since removing the darn thing, let's not forget that. Now to figure out how to manage this terrible drop in my mood...


  1. Sorry your having such a bad mood and day :(

  2. Ah ha! See YOU are getting better about reading the 'cues' your body is giving you! I'm a short-cycler (and even though it is the only downside to my period it sure is worth whining about) because I get mine about every 23-25 days. Remember back in Feb when I only lost -2lbs AND it is the shortest month. I got mine twice that month...aren't I lucky?

    Anyway, enough about me...I'm glad that you are possibly getting normal periods now...yay!