Wednesday, May 11, 2011

See You on the Downhill Side - Four Months Post-Op Pictures

Woohoo! I'm at the half-way point in my weight loss: 62 pounds gone, 61 pounds to go! Very exciting stuff. I'm also four months post-op today, so I'll post photos later. I wish my daughter were here to take my nefarious bathing suit photos! She's at her dad's - I'll have to work it out somehow.

I commented to a friend yesterday that I should be wearing summer dresses, since my legs and thighs are looking so much better due to all the stair climbing, but my big ole gut still abides. (I just watched The Big Lebowski again this weekend, haha.) So I went to the mall and tried on a cute summer dress, which I would never have the nerve to wear in public, haha. I am so not a dress person! Never have been. However, I am *so* a dress person in the dressing room in front of the big mirrors, you should have seen me strutting my stuff!  But this was cute. big ole flumpy gut. Oh dear. Spanx are the order of the day if I'm going to expose my midsection.

I decided to continue dressing like myself (jeans and t-shirt) until I'm further along in my journey. Spanx are expensive! I don't want to shell out money for fancy dresses and underwear that I will be shrinking out of (for some reason the thought of paying $$ for Spanx really bugged me, knowing they wouldn't last. But yet, paying for happy hour wine doesn't bother me, and it doesn't last, either.*)

Anyway, it was fun to see. Things are definitely looking better. Studying my flump in the dressing room mirror, though, made me confront exactly how much of an extra skin problem I may be in for. As I'm losing weight, all these BONES are appearing in my frame. Who knew? At 5'3", it is apparent that underneath it all, I am actually quite small. If I could just wave a magic wand and make my gut disappear, well, I'd be pretty darn close to a good size. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand! I will just press on, working on my weight loss and seeing what happens. Hopefully things will tighten up as we (my flump and I) go along.

Speaking of weight loss: at four months post-op, I'm halfway to goal, or 1/2 my excess weight gone. I am hopeful that I can reach goal in an additional four to six months. I want to continue losing 8 to 12 pounds a month. It's a bit of a wait-and-see game, because now that I've been tracking my eating quite well and exercising regularly - well, that's kind of all I can do! My calories are about 500-1000 per day, averaging 600-ish. I am happy with that and with my exercise, although I will continue to work on incorporating more. Late last week I went to the Y and did circuit training - this is fun(ish) and will help me feel like I'm doing my part to address the skin problem (since good muscles underneath the flump will make it all seem better!).

Come back later for four month pictures - I'll have my buddy take them at work later. Not the Nefarious Swimsuit Pictures, just the Baggy Brown Shirt Pictures, haha.

*Happy hour wine was a "Fat Julie" expense, because "Free Julie" can only drink part of a glass, I'm a cheap date!


  1. You are doing AWESOME!! !You are so going to hit 200 before me!!! You deserve it and you look great in the dress! Maybe this will be a summer of dresses for you!

  2. You look so great! You have been making great progress Julie!

  3. You look like a different person already. Here is what I will say about Spanx. They are worth it. The cheap rip off kind are okay, but not the same. And I can actually where my spanx through several sizes. When I would by them at first, they would be super snug. Now they are looser but still smooth things out.

  4. the day you realize that your chair isn't broken, but your tailbone is killing you from being sat upon is a great day!

    i look about 15-20 pounds lighter usually because of the flumpy skin. you will be amazed at how much easier it gets to conceal when you get down further. i was wearing a size 6 dress and didn't even have to put on spanx--(i do now, most assuredly!!!)