Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sixty Pounds Gone!

Wowsa! I am so excited! Yesterday, I must say, I was feeling quite thin. All this stair climbing has got my thighs and butt feeling pretty darn solid. My once skin-tight jeans have gotten very baggy again (true to form, baggy everywhere but the big gut!).

What a milestone! I am beyond happy. I would be crying tears of joy, but I'm saving them for when I break the 200 pound threshold. *That* will be an emotional moment, let me tell you, and I'll subject you to a long missive about how it felt to pass into the 200s and then out of them again. ;)

Sixty, sixty, sixty. So cool! I am creeping up on the most weight I've ever lost - sixty-seven pounds on Weight Watchers a lifetime ago. I was doing so well and then I hit some sort of mental barrier. I am big on self-sabotage, I'm afraid. I am being super mindful about not doing that to myself again.

A couple quick updates:

Stairs: While we haven't received an official free pass, I have heard from TPTB (The Powers that Be) that the restriction *probably* isn't meant to apply to walkers. We continue our exercise as if the signs weren't there. As a coworker said, if they try to enforce the ban, I will produce a doctor's note about my crippling (but transitory) fear of elevators, haha. Yesterday I upped my climbs: 1x44, 2x24, 1x12. I was beat. Since I can't attend yoga or water aerobics this week (kids' dad is on a cruise - don't get me started - it must be exhausting being him as this is his third vacation in less than three months).

Shelter: Interesting development in the works. I think I blogged about it, but am too lazy to check. Heaven knows it's been on my mind constantly! A family (I thought single mom but was wrong) looked at my condo last night and liked it. They rent a house right by my kids' school, and my landlord knows the owner. Turns out I do, too! We work together in a very distant relative sort of way, and he is a Cub Scout leader in my son's den/pack (I can never keep the big group/small group names sorted out). They are willing to rent the house for $1600/month - something I can stomach. (Insane to me, how the rents have gone up around here in just a couple years.) Kids and I drove by the house last night, it is four-bedrooms, 1700 square feet, everything seems right and good about it for my family. (I haven't seen the inside of it, but am hopeful it is fine.) What I'm waiting for now is to see if the potential condo family wants this place or not. I'm leaving it to the two landlords right now - I told mine that I will pitch a reality show, "Tenant Swap" to the TV networks for him. ;)

Weight: SIXTY POUNDS, SIXTY POUNDS! (haha, had to sneak that one back in there!)


  1. Things are going so well for you all the way around these days! I need to rub your "big gut" for good luck!

  2. Congrats Julie! I can't wait to read the 199# post! =)

  3. DANG GIRL!!! I am so happy for you. You are going to blow right by me soon (and I promise to only be a teensy bit jealous!) CONGRATS!!! And youarethisclose to Onederland...can't wiat for that milestone...which the way you are going will be SOON little lady.

  4. CONGRATS ON THE 60lbs! WAY TO UP THE GAME!!!!! Chasing the 200 has never been more fun!!!!

    I would keep walking the stairs also- I stopped again as I need to get through this Half marathon then I can get back focused on other things!

    Good luck on the house.

  5. Yeah for 60 down and a possible house!

  6. Whooohooo! That's an exciting update! Congrats