Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roof Over Yer Head

Argh, housing. I have until the end of the month to turn in notice at the condo if I find a place to live.

Two developments:
- The house I want, want, want has been offered to me. Yay! The rent has been jacked up to $1700/mo because of the rental climate. How will I pay $1700/mo? I do not know. It's a $500/mo increase for me. I haven't seen the inside of this house, but it is the right neighborhood, the right size, etc. It is the one I want. Now, how to pay for it?
- I am viewing the "cheap" house tomorrow morning. It seems fabulous, but I am not getting any warm fuzzies AT ALL from the owner. I think single mom (e.g. single income) with three young kids makes landlords go "yikes." I believe this is a courtesy showing, nothing more. The owners are an older couple and I just do not think they are stoked about my application. She was clear with me that they are showing the home to others. It is $1475 and includes yard service. It is dramatically underpriced for the market. I will take it if I can get it.

Third development - I decided it was impractical to abandon the kids so I can live freely wherever I'd like. I'd miss them, and sometimes they clean the kitchen or living room. I didn't see them tonight, but it appears someone attempted to vacuum the living room floor. It is hard to find good help these days.

Housing has been the biggest hassle, the most painful problem, the most ongoing stress of the whole divorce process. More stressful than the divorce itself. I am glad to be rid of the husband, I have seen many benefits of that. Housing for the last four years has been one long hellish agonizing ride. (Since ex walked out and I had to move the kids 30 miles to my new job - which I was ultimately fired from for oh, NOT BEING ABLE TO CONCENTRATE - husband walked out 7/15, I started new job 7/17 and by 7/31 I had secured a house and moved the kids to new home and school district to be close to work. It has been an incredibly long, sucky ride. I absolutely crave a home where I can just raise my family, without worrying each year about moving.

I am taking one of these houses. I don't know how I'll work it out, but I will work it out.


  1. I hope that something works out for you and your kids! This whole ordeal sounds like it has been quite stressful!