Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Am I Fat? And Broke?

Hmm, another lunch purchased instead of brought from home. And while it is pretty - I was thinking about it on the way back up to my office. It weighed a damn bit more than the 2-4 oz my surgically-altered stomach will be able to hold!

Well, on the good side, it's got plenty of protein. That's fried tofu in teriyaki-type sauce, tuna salad and a few pieces of salmon hiding under the bok choy. I am aware of the fact that if your lunch plate is hiding other items on the plate, well, there is too much food on the plate. You see that I have lapsed in my no-soy, no-dairy, no-gluten experiment. There's a little bit of macaroni and cheese (can you hear it screaming "comfort food!" from there, I wonder?), some breaded and fried zucchini, some veggie fried rice, broccoli in soy sauce, and the baby bok choy. Uh, I think that's all that was hidden there.

This combo, plus a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper, was $11.25. Ok. Maybe we could play a little "What's Wrong with this Picture?" game!
  1. Fried, really? Tofu and zucchini?
  2. Pasta and breading on the zucchini = not gluten free.
  3. Tofu = soy. I'm not too concerned about that one, really. I know I am lactose intolerant, I know I am probably gluten intolerant, but I have no reason to believe I am soy intolerant. Jeez.
  4. Mac n Cheese = dairy
  5. Where in the heck do I think I've got $$ for an $11.25 lunch hiding??
  6. The principle behind gastric sleeve surgery is that you can live on 2-4 oz at a meal. This lunch was that amount, many times over. With or without surgery, I can live on 2-4 oz. The surgeon said basically, after recovery, it's the amount of food that would fit in the palm of your hand. Fingers excluded, haha.
  7. As an example of the mindset I need to correct. There was one more piece of tofu and one more piece of zucchini in the lunch before I took the picture. I got back to my desk and realized I had misplaced my iPhone! I got a little panicky. I was already hungry to the point of being out of sorts, not being able to find my phone pushed me even farther. So I sat down and ate a little bit before looking for (and finding) my phone.
    1. Don't let yourself get so hungry that you are physically goofed up from it.
    2. Uhh, watch the stress eating and eating to calm down, haha.
    3. This whole meal and experience sort of sums up many problems I've got going in my life. PeeWee's word of the day is OVERCONSUMPTION.

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