Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3rd Iron IV Infusion

Ok! I'm done with my third iron IV. Let's hope that my iron levels improve and stabilize, because the novelty of this procedure has worn off. :) Today I had to get stuck with the needle twice, and the second time was on the outside of my wrist. I have had three IVs in my hand/wrist before, and all of them have been extremely painful mo'fos. This one is no exception! Ouch. I must have more nerves in that area.

I'll go back on 12/20 for another ferritin level check. They will also be testing my B-12 levels with some advanced test. My overall B-12 is 300, with the range being 250 - 900 or thereabouts. If the advanced screening comes back with certain indicators, they'll start me on B-12 injections. I almost hope they do, as I'm really pretty intrigued with how these levels affect how I feel on a day to day basis. I find it so cool that I am actually waking up before the alarm clock every morning. Iron = good!

On the bad side, my feet and knees are really bugging me lately. Why? Winter? Weight gain from quitting smoking? Old age? My forty-first birthday draws nigh, after all. Anyway, I don't like that one bit.

I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon on Friday morning. I will have to face my weight gain, which I think has at least stabilized. Oh well, I'm so very, very glad that I quit smoking! Tomorrow, I will miss the WLS support group, unfortunately. They are sampling a bunch of protein products. I would love to be there! That stuff is expensive, and any opportunity to try it for free would be wonderful. But instead, I will be at my daughter's cello concert - an extremely worthy reason to miss the support group meeting, I believe.


  1. Just wanted to say good luck in the coming weeks with your surgery!! I hope everything goes smoothly. I can't wait to continue reading your blog with updates.

  2. Thank you, SJ! I am really enjoying reading your blog, too! Your post the other day about getting hung up on others' complications was meaningful to me. I've done a little of the same in worrying about what *could* go wrong with my own surgery. Much better to focus on all the positives, though!