Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, Ask Me How Much I Love a Liquid Diet - GRR.

I am doing this to help myself, I am doing this to save myself, I am doing this for me, I am doing this for my children, IamdoingthistohelpmyselfIamdoingthistosavemyselfIamdoingthisformeIamdoingthisformychildren...

Gack, but that doesn't mean I like it! Yesterday was rough. I was Starvin' Marvin all day! I went overboard with my "small meal" at night, but all in all, a very good day. Today, it's 10:15 and I am happy to report that I am not consumed by hunger as I was yesterday (hmmm, suggests Dr. Freud - do you suppose the hunger could be mental? Und do you think perhaps you were not as hungry as you thought, but instead were suffering from childish feelings of deprivation?) Hrumph. I don't care what you say, Dr., I was damn hungry yesterday. Today I am off to a much better start. Good times!

A friend has invited me to lunch to watch her eat. Umm, this is funny but maybe not such a good idea today. I'm going, but if I come back cranky and mean, you'll know why. ;)


  1. Don't go! Don't go! Are you back cranky and mean yet?

  2. Laugh! I didn't go - I told her I thought my time would be better spent reading weight loss surgery support forums and blogs than watching my skinny friend eat lunch. :) Told her we could try again next week!

  3. LOL, I would decline that invite as well! How much longer do you need to do the liquid diet? I am SO thankful that my surgeon didn't require anything but clears 24 hours before surgery. However, just think of that ticker showing how much you have ticker would show a bigger loss if I had to do a pre-op diet. See how I turned that into a positive for you?

  4. Thanks Sheila! I have to do the liquid diet for two weeks before surgery. Protein shakes during the day and a small meal at night. He says it's to shrink your liver, but mostly to make sure that you don't eat like they're going to stop making food after your surgery. ;) (paraphrasing, he put it much more nicely than that, haha)