Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Iron Infusion?

I am scheduled for my fourth IV infusion on Monday. Thus far, my ferritin levels have been 3 (when first tested), then 40, 28 and now 48 following each infusion. (I have a feeling I'm goofing up those numbers a bit, but am too lazy to check the facts. It's pretty close, though: a spike following first infusion, a drop, then a good climb. The goal is to get my levels above 50 and holding. I know I'm close! Yesterday, I called and asked for my lab results and was told to come in for another IV on Monday. Then today, in a miscommunication, a nurse called and said the doctor said my levels were fine and to come back in eight weeks for a re-check. It turns out he initially said I could come back in eight weeks, but when I called for my lab results, he happened to be right there, so he asked me about my sleep patterns, etc and decided to do another IV. Today's nurse was calling in response to an old message.

Anyway - I'm close! This will be my last infusion before the surgery, and I'll probably go back in eight weeks for a re-check. I'll have to remember to ask about an oral supplement, as this was something he mentioned he was going to have me do before, but today's nurse knew nothing of it.

I'm ready to be done with these, too! I am feeling better - although I did read something today about anemia causing hair loss - this is me!! I've been losing hair like crazy this year! I will confirm this symptom with my doctor on Monday, as it would be nice to have an answer. LAUGH - right before I have weight loss surgery and start losing hair as a side effect of that, haha. Oh well. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

Also, I found out that the iron IVs are costing me $200/each out of pocket. Gulp. Last I checked: not made of money. Thank goodness for insurance, though! My 10% copay of $200 means that each IV costs...well, millions and millions of dollars, anyway. ;)

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  1. Luckily, iron supplements at the pharmacy are like $5 for a ton of pills. $200! Yikes!