Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Helllloooo, two week liquid diet!

Oh dear, really? It's time? Well, maybe. I'm still waiting on that insurance approval, see. But wouldn't it suck to blow off the liquid diet, only to have the insurance approved at the last minute? Wouldn't I feel foolish then?

It's time. Hopefully I'll be having my surgery in just TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! Maybe not, but hopefully. I'll keep you posted, for sure. In the meantime, protein drinks are my friends. Uhhh, I'm hungry. I've read and heard that by day five, it's just a new way of life. Today, however, I see hunger in my future. :) Hunger, but EXCITEMENT! This is really happening! Even if my surgery doesn't happen 1/11, I will stop the wheels of weight gain and start building my positive momentum down the hill. I am ten weeks smoke free, I am starting a new chapter in life. Wow, thus far my forties have been all about REBIRTH.

You go, girl. I am proud of you. Err, me.


  1. Lucky you aren't one of those bloggers that posted food pictures everyday! We would get bored of seeing the same protein shake day after day. Be strong through these first 5 days---no cheating! Now, I'll go have a bowl of ice cream for you...

  2. Phhbbblllttt! I think I may text you pictures of my shakes every day! Ex-cite-ing!! :)

  3. Oh look, it's my two favorite bloggies, one posting about eating ice cream for me and the other posting a picture of a cupcake during my two week fast. ;) Ahhh, friends!! Where would I be without you? :)