Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Surgery Date is Not Working Out as I Had Hoped!

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but the precertification process is proving to be slow to take off! On Monday, I spoke with my surgeon's office and was told the notes they'd received from the physical therapist were not signed or dated. Thus, they were waiting for signed notes before submitting for precertification. After talking to them, they agreed to submit the precert request without the signature/date for the second PT appointment.

This afternoon I called my insurance company: no pre-cert request has been logged. Called the surgeon's office. Request faxed over 12/20. Called insurance: prefers that doctor's phone in request. Fax takes forever to work through the system. Called surgeon's office: they will phone in request.


My hoped for surgery date of 1/11 is seeming quite unlikely. The insurance company has 72 business hours (approx nine business days) to review the request after receipt. Let's see: we'll start the clock at tomorrow AM since the insurance company is on the east coast.

Nine business days gives them through 1/5/11 to decide. The surgery would be in less than a week.

I am still hopefully, but not holding my breath. :)

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  1. Oh my goodness,and with the holidays in there, this is going to be tricky.