Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Protein Looks Like

I made a trip to Costco last night. Truly, I should have prepared in advance for this pre-surgery period. I have been busy, and procrastination is one of my strong points! Anyway, $80 later, I left with two boxes of protein shakes, and one each of fruit-flavored protein-y concoctions.

My philosophy today is "get through the day." Thus far, I've taken in 714 calories: that's three of the shakes and one each of the fruity concoctions. This isn't in the range of the 400-600 calories I'll have per day in the two weeks following surgery, but I think we can all agree that it is much less than my normal caloric intake.

First impressions of the fruity conconctions: ugh. The "test tube" one is vile. It must be the green tea flavoring that doesn't really taste like green tea to me. They are both sickly sweet: the gray bottle one is much sweeter but doesn't have any weird after (or during) taste to it. It tastes good, actually, in a can't-hardly-handle-the-sweetness way. I'm not a big sweets person. Both were greatly improved by putting over ice. I will chug them down, but won't buy the test tubes again unless I have a radical change of heart. The packaging is so cute! :) I wish they weren't gross. I have been trying to think of how I can re-use these adorable little tubes.

For my birthday, my friend Nancy, bless her heart, has ordered me chicken-flavored protein powder from unjury.com. Every girl wants protein powder for her birthday! We had lunch today (she is also having protein shakes for lunch for the next two weeks, in a show of solidarity, haha) and the topic du jour was protein. She decided to order me the sample pack from Unjury, as well as the chicken-flavor. Love her! Can't wait until they come in the mail.

I won't bore you with pictures of my protein shakes for the next two weeks. When I begin to drone on endlessly about how many shakes or concoctions I had in a day, as I'm sure to do, you can reference this picture. ;)


  1. Bahahahaha! You put up a picture! And, for the record, if I could have lunch everyday with you I would have a protein shake too. You go girl!

  2. Oh, try the tube over snow cone ice (I have a snow cone maker) or just try crushing the ice, pour the protein over it and eat it with a spoon and tell yourself the whole time that you are eating a snow cone!

  3. :) That's a great idea, Sheila! The one in the gray bottle is actually quite tasty, just super sweet. It would be perfect as a snow cone syrup, haha. I'll try it!