Sunday, December 5, 2010

$45 for a Gallon of Milk

The gallon of milk I bought today cost me over $45. On Friday and Saturday, I took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast for no other reason than we were out of milk. On Friday morning, I realized my foolishness, but had to scramble to get the kids off to school. By Saturday morning, there was nothing I could offer in terms of an excuse: just add another $25 to the cost of the milk.

No, by this morning, I still had not bought milk. And to think that I had held off sending one of the kids to the gas station to buy the $6 gallon of milk in order to "save money." And that's awfully good milk, too, although the price is o.u.t.r.a.g.e.o.u.s. Our gas station sells the brand of dairy products the milk man brings to you door: local, hormone-free, antibiotic free, etc, etc.

But don't let me turn my ample skills in diversion and distraction change the topic from a bazillion dollars in fast-food over a lack of desire to go to the grocery store.'s Christmas...and I am a single mom...and my ex and I are not sharing cost on Christmas prezzies for the kids this year...and, did I mention there are three of them...and, let me just say wasting money on McDonald's is one of the stupider things I can do right now!

Something I'm hoping to gain from the surgery, and it's not weight, haha: endurance. Stamina. I confess, I usually shop when the kids are with their dad. This week, they are with me, and grocery shopping. I hate taking my children into a store. My 11yo daughter is no problem. It's my boys, 9.5 and 5. Argh. So, when I am exhausted from work, which is not going well, exhausted from dealing with my 5yo, who is raising hell at school and daycare, and just physically and mentally exhausted, in general...well, you can see it in my household management. Messy house, out of staple foods.

By taking off weight, I'm hoping to capitalize on some energy. I know that my physical pain will lessen: feet and knees won't ache as much, etc. That will be good. But I'm hoping that life won't be such a damn chore. I tell you, after a long day volunteering yesterday and then taking the boys to a fun event, I am beat down today. The boys were horrible at Target (where I did pick up all our staple foods, haha). Horrible. We are going to a Christmas pageant of sorts tonight, and I am dreading it. The house is a mess, the kids are hungry, and I am just draggggggginnnngggg trying to get back on task.

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