Friday, November 16, 2012

Whee! Still on the mend

No pictures for you today, but they look look like yesterday's anyway. A little swollen, a lot carved up. I got to take a shower this morning, which was way cool. Still have one drain, which ill yank tomorrow. I'm still poppin drugs and am not in much pain.

Today's "what they'll never tell you" story is about my va-jayjay. Lots of lipo there, remember? Well, they don't tell you you swell up like horse's balls Dow there. It's horrific. If I should you a pic, it would be unrecognizable as a part of human anatomy. Doesn't hurt, just. Really. Ufcks. With. Your. Head. Something about the gravity and blood settling and what not, believe me it is the stuff of nightmares. :)

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  1. Well that would certainly have been NICE-TO-KNOW ahead of time, right? Arrgh. Repeat after me: this too shall pass! Hugs!