Sunday, November 18, 2012

Howdy from La-La Land

Well, I do wish this were one of those blog that would be simply life-alerting to read as you live through my tummy tuck blow-by-blow with me, gleaning all sorts of usual information. Sadly, I have opted for lots of painkillers and sleep instead, so you get what you get.  I am thinking of you, though, and will have coherent and cogent thoughts to share one day again, it is just not today. :)

I am feeling pretty darn good. Lots of drugs, though, and I'm taking them liberally. I am also taking showers! And eating people food!

I rented a recliner on the advice of many tummy tuck blogs, and this was a good thing. I could have easily done without, but I am also enjoying it, so I'm glad to have it.

SRSLY the typos are making me insane. I thought they'd be better on the computer than my phone but they are not so I give up. Back to bed with me! :)

Will update more later. All is well.

1 comment:

  1. I'm gleaning lots of good stuff especially the message, "drugs are good." I'm glad you are eating real people food and getting lots of rest!