Thursday, November 1, 2012

Group Rides are Fun and Really Hurt

I went on another group ride with Cascade Bike Club last night after work. I'm actually planning to ride with them every Wednesday night, but of course, with my tummy tuck surgery date coming up, that only means I plan to ride with them *next* Wednesday night.

So fun, though. There were eight of us, and the ride leader had mucked with the course a bit and added in an extra five miles or so. The other sneaky thing she did was add in some really tough hills. Short hills, but very steep. The exact sort of thing that I avoid on my own, haha. They were a grind, and my post-half legs were none too pleased about it. But I was having a blast!

The group was faster than last week's. Last week a couple people had come along who couldn't keep up, so we stopped a lot and our pace was slower. This week, it was the fast group plus a few of us "moderate" riders. We agreed to ride at their fast pace until it became too much. Game on, baby!

Perfect workout. I was exhausted, but kept up no problem. It was exactly the kind of workout I've been wanting from these rides: feeling like I'm pushing myself hard but not holding anyone back. I got pretty worn out from those steep, short hills, but recovered quickly. I panted like a porn star the whole ride. :)

And when I got home, I was soaking wet and freezing my butt off. I hit the shower and took possibly the longest, hottest shower I've taken in years. The ride was only 23 miles, but it was the most challenging ride I've done.

I'm on the books for group rides on each of the next two Saturdays and Sundays, then it's surgery day. The ride on my day before surgery will be my longest to date: 58 miles. My surgeon said to get out there and exercise myself stupid before the surgery, since I'll be cooped up for awhile. I am doing my best to follow doctor's orders, haha.

Tonight, I am going on a group hike with that group I hooked up with a couple weeks ago. I am taking a step up from my tennis shoes that I wore last time and am wearing my motorcycle boots, haha. There are many things on my outdoor sports wish list, and I guess boots are on that list. But the biking list is about 100 items and they are the priority.

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  1. Girl! You are a work out machine. I'm sure I'd workout as much as you, but I just started watching Dexter and have 7 seasons to catch up on. Priorities. (We're into Season 3 right now.)