Monday, November 19, 2012

Finally! A Few Minutes Alone at the Computer

Seriously, though, seem to have become the world's worst typist, so I'm not sure the full sized keyboard will present any new advantage to me.

I had my 6-day post-op check up today and my surgeon says I'm perfectly perfect. No longer do I need to walk in a hunched-over 'L-shape' to protect my stitches, and it's a good gawd-damned thing, too, as I completely suck at it. This morning, in fact, I actually threw a tantrum at my father over it.

I needed help. Jeez, I'm really terribly at asking for help, but I needed it. I wanted someone to help make my bed, throw a load of laundry in and bring the clean stuff up for me to fold. Now, my parents would do anything for me, but for some reason, they opted to come over and watch SpongeBob while I got ready. So I was already pretty pissed. :) Then I come downstairs and my dad hollers, "Bend you back!" and I very nearly lost my shit on him.


Well, I don't need to do that anymore anyway. I can stand straight as an arrow, thank you very much. And no, no one helped me make my friggin' bed.

The hard part is behind me though. Sleep in whatever position I'm comfortable, take drugs if/when I need them, drive myself wherever as long as I'm not stoned. I'll go back in for a re-check on Monday, sans parents, and see about returning to work Tuesday.

Oh gosh, I wish I could sit more comfortably and write, but I do think the drugs have my brain scrambled because it is just a million typos and it's driving me nuts. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Back soon!


  1. YAY for perfectly perfect. Sorry about your parents...I'm sure they *thought* they were being helpful. ;-)

  2. I was glad to read that you think the hard part is over! I'm sure that is a relief to be noticing progress. :)

  3. YAY! Glad you don't have to walk like a hunchback anymore. ;)

  4. So glad you continue to recover! Looks great.