Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's hard to blog from my phone

I'm a little cross-eyed from the meds, for one thing! So I'm making lots of typos. I had another recheck appt with the doctor: he says I'm doing awesomely. He and the nurses are always grinning at my ear from ear, so that must be a good sign!

Stomach looks AWESOME! Very flat, very tight. I have been tasked with pooping today :). This corset is tight, gets tighter over the course of the day and he said ill be sorry if I don't poop.

I can shower tomorrow, and if my one remaining drain is dry, I can yank the remaining tube (oh and I will too!!)

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  1. LOL, yes blogging from a phone sounds a bit tedious. I love how you changed your blog to FRANKEN-JULIE...ha ha!

  2. Fine. I'm ready for my before and after side by side pic (take 1). I think it will help me appreciate your Dexteresque photos, you skinny, skinny, girl, you.

    But, you probably can't do that from your phone. So, I wait.

  3. When I can get out of this corset for any length of time, ill get some good pics! Right ow itsjust beensneakpeaks.