Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Post-Op Day Two Recovery

Things are going quite well here! I am keeping myself pretty darned stoned and will continue to do so. I got the optional "pain pump," which administers a constant flow of a numbing drug directly to my ab muscles. I'll bet that's what's keeping me sane, because that is supposed to be what hurts the most, and it's not chief among my post-op complaints!

I feel primarily the incision across my hips, and I gotta say the two drains and the pain pump hanging off me are making me crazy. I have such weird claustrophobia issues anyway.

Ummm, how much am I going to hate wearing this crotchless body suit for the next six weeks? A LOT!

I grouse all these things because as far as surgery results go, I can see nothing so far. :) I'm all bulked up in layers and haven't gotten so much as a peek at anything! I am sooooooo excited! I have my first re-check at 4:45 this afternoon and I'm hoping to see me, or some pics, or something. The surgeon said the surgery went awesome and I will be thrilled with the results.

I know they took off 2.5 or 3.5 pounds of skin (I was awfully fuzzy when we talked) and 350 cc of lipo'd fat. He said, as expected, there just wasn't anything but skin there. Awesome. :)

My mom stayed with me last night and both my parents are here right now: mon cooking up a bunch of chicken tenders for me to munch this week and dad is re-wiring outlets and hanging pictures. :) I am sleeping, waking, and sleeping.

The surgery itself went well. I was, frankly, nervous about the surgery and doing it in an office park instead of a hospital (very common, however). Although I spent Sunday weepy and nervous, by Monday my mood was excited and I was chanting "I get a brand new belly!" under my breath, haha. I adored my surgeon, whom I think I told you did his residency with my weight loss surgeon. They are both awesome guys. The anesthesiologist was very funny, the nurses were great. I remember a calming drug in my IV then waking up after surgery and my doctor being in the room saying if I came out of the anesthesthia smiling, it must have gone pretty well. :) My brain likes anesthesthia: I have always come out of it laughing! I have the funniest freaking dreams!

Well, I'll update after my appointment and post pictures if there's anything to see. I do have to say this compression garment is TIGHT though and I envision getting it on and off over all these incisions will probably s-u-c-k!

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  1. Duh! I was wondering how the bodysuit would come off for bathroom reasons. I didn't even think it would be crotchless.

    I'm so glad you have the pump to help with your pain. I hope you get to see something at your appointment. :)

  2. Hey, I've watched Dr. 90210--seems like lots of bandages for awhile. Be smart and patient. Incisions in your hips? You are all cut up. Yuck:)

  3. I hope you recovery quickly! The crotchless body suit reminds me of an episode of Sex and the City. Did you ever see that episode? Samantha was super excited about the suit!