Thursday, March 8, 2012

Babbling about Men

Let's talk men, shall we?

I am seeing Sparky tonight! Sooooo excited. Ack. We'll call this date the "well, it sure was fun knowing you, even for such a short time!" because as you know, he is coming to my house for dinner. Where he will see how I live. :) Oh, it's not that bad, jeez. And I did stay up late and clean. And I made Chicken and Gnocchi Soup, which awaits in the crock pot right now. I hope it's not too salty - that was my general impression this morning. I'm sure it's fine. I'll add the spinach and gnocchi when we get back to my place.

It's early to have him out to my house, but I wasn't really the driver of that. I believe I am a candidate in a rigorous interview process, and he is checking to make sure I am not a hoarder, haha. Slob, yes. Hoarder, no. In fact, I am one of the rare people that if asked "what would you save in a fire?" I'd be hard-pressed to name anything I can't live without. So I'd be like, "Meh, whatever. Or nothing." I used to be a shopper and a "stuff" person. That person no longer exists. :)

Okay - he's just sweet. And totally tasty. I'm telling ya - I'm enjoying seeing this man. Yesterday he was on a job site and there were daffodils blooming and he texted me a picture of them and said he thought I'd enjoy seeing them, too. Me likey. Let's see if we can paint a picture of him, shall we?

He's about 5'11" and I'm going to say, oh, I don't know, 230 pounds. He has said he is working on losing about 20 pounds, and I am a terrible weight guesser. We'll go with 230. He is all solid and muscle-y. I have felt those arms, and believe me, he is all solid and muscle-y. He works outside - really, is there anything sexier than a man that works outdoors? Am I just genetically programmed to like this? You all know I have a thing for firefighters (wow, maybe you don't, I actually haven't thought about firefighters in a long time). Anyway, given my choice between a hot construction-type worker or a hot firefighter, I'd go for...well, the firefighter because of the job security and pension. But a hot construction-type worker with job security and a pension (a la Sparky!)? Construction-type worker all the way! Plus, firefighters can possess such arrogance. I mean, really, get over your goddamn hot selves, boys.

I ramble. Sparky has close cut, but not shaved, brown hair that has widow's peaks but is not balding. He has very kind eyes and a nice smile. He is cute, cute, cute. His hands are like leather from working outside. I want to tell him to wear gloves at night like my dad (a former diesel mechanic) had to so they wouldn't split, but I am MYOB'ing.

I'm totally enjoying him. Ah, it will be sad when he dumps me over my not-nicely-organized-like-his-home. When I saw his pictures online, I *knew* he was cuter than those pictures, because a) they were just the "I took this myself on my phone" pictures (but at least not in his car or bathroom mirror like so many other guys) and b) he did not look comfortable. And sure enough, right when I met him that first night, I was so pleased because he was cute in the pics but oh-so-much cuter in person. I knew it!

He's the type I go for. Solid, football player sort of build, short hair/shaved. No facial hair (yuck). I tell ya, I have been scouring for red flags and found none. I'll keep you posted.


  1. You lost me at Pioneer Pies, yum, I remember that restaurant. (Sorry that manager was a jerk, time to let it go:))

  2. Sounds like things are going, maybe I just missed it, but how did you come up with the nickname Sparky? Because sparks fly? It reminds me of the electric chair, lmao.

  3. Glad things are going so well, could you sneak us a photo, pretty please? :-)

  4. Sparky's an electrician. :)

    I love these updates. Maybe
    Sparky is also OCD, so he won't expect you to clean. He'll want to do it so it gets done right, so he won't mind your slob tendencies. LOL

    I too vote for a photo. :)

  5. Thanks for the description! He sounds handsome and nice! I am so happy you are happy. And look forward to the update on how it goes!!