Friday, March 2, 2012

Me Likey.

Ok, from a weight loss front, I'll admit I just had a rice krispie treat from SBUX. I saw a friend eat one this morning and it was on my mind allllllllllllllll day. But, as we know, sugar overload and my sleeve are not friends, so you can bet I'm rethinking that decision already.

So! Last night Sparky made me dinner at his house. Yes, yes, I know, that is TOO SOON! There seemed to be plausible good reasons at the time I agreed. I had a massage appointment after work, he lives considerably south of the city and takes the bus was going to be late...blah blah blah. It seemed plausible. And it worked out fine. Sabrina thought he was going to kill me and chop me into bits, I was more optimistic. But I did tip off Sabrina and Don with his address, as well as my state trooper friend, whom I assured if I went missing, it was not on purpose. :) I told her where to look for the body.

(I am so morbid. Please excuse my tacky humor. But too bad Don didn't work today, because my supervisor was going to be all worried and tell him that she was concerned because I hadn't shown up for work, and had he heard from me?? But it's Don's flex day, so we didn't get to torture him.)

ANYWAY! I will say that I think one reason Sparky wanted to have me for dinner (err, have me over *to* dinner) so he could woo me a little bit with all his many good qualities, and, DAY-UM, it worked! He is just a cool guy. He had said he'd make chicken nachos. I know how *I* would make chicken nachos, haha. He did them up in style, however. He made fresh guacamole, fresh salsa (uh, Kim, I know I said I am out of yours, but I have hopefully found a local supplier!), grilled chicken, the works! So delicious! And yum, with a tasty margarita. Which was not even spiked. ;)

Great guy - fantastic house, plus it was super clean and very homey. And a fire going in the fireplace. Oh my, I'm smitten. I was going to make you read all this info about Taurus Man/Capricorn Woman matches being made in heaven, but I'll skip it for now. And yes, I devoutly agree with astrology as long as I like what I read, otherwise I am utterly convinced it is a crock o' crap. Don't judge me!

So, we had a great dinner and a fun, albeit too brief, evening - oh, this is why I was going to talk about horoscopes, I can just totally feel how both of us find stability and security the most sexiest thing in the world. I think that's why he invited me to dinner, as a bit of an opportunity show off what a catch he is. And he does so most deservedly. I had a blast, and while he is most gentlemanly, I have to say again...these kisses...holy smokes, I am hook-line-and-sinkered.

I have the kiddos this weekend and his mom is visiting from Oregon, so I probably won't see him until sometime next week. Plus, I'll be cleaning and homey-fying my house like a madwoman in case I invite him over next weekend, hahaha. But he was cool about that, too, because I complimented him on the house and said mine was nowhere nearly put together. He just smiled and shrugged and said, "That's you - this is me."

Oh my. How sexy.


  1. Um, yep the sparks are definitely FLYING with Sparky! (Love the nickname, BTW!) So happy for you!!!

  2. Any man who prepares me fresh ingredients to go with nachos is a friend of mine. LOL!

  3. This cracks me up because my best friend totally does this. Sometimes she will shoot me an email saying that there was some odd person at the grocery store staring at her and it made her paranoid so just in case she doesn't email me tomorrow it's probably because he followed her home and chopped her into bits. And then she leaves a full description of the guy from head to toe for me to give the police just in case!!

    Well I'm starting to think you have found a great catch. He cooks? He makes fresh guacamole? And fresh salsa? And serves margaritas? Sheeesh!!! SOLD! It's going to be pretty tough for me to hold off on an update with the two of you not getting together b/c of your previous plans. Now it's going to be like that week where they don't do a real Survivor show but they just recapped what happened through the season. I guess I'll entertain myself by reading the timeline again!!!