Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Leads to a Lot

I'm not a sugar-eater. I really just don't have much of a sweet tooth, thankfully. Usually. But I was thinking today that yesterday was just a major sugar blowout! It started in the morning: I ate a whole tube of mini M&Ms. I had bought two tubes a couple days ago: our pediatrician recommended them to help my 6yo learn to swallow pills. Do you know they're actually kind of hard to find?? I've been keeping my eye out for them and finally saw them at Rite Aid. So yesterday morning when I was craving sugar, I busted open a tube, to "just have a few." I ate the whole stinking thing.

Later, I had a mini York peppermint patty. And last night, I actually got out of bed to eat an entire Hershey bar. WHO EATS HERSHEY BARS?? We had some leftover from the trip to Ocean Shores.

Stop it. Stop it, stop it, stop it. And what a silly thing to do, because yesterday I was feeling SKINNY! My size 6 Costco vanity size jeans were downright loose on me, straight out of the wash. I was groping my own hipbones all day. You sexy thang, you!

Pre-op, this was one of my self-destructive dieting ways. I'm not sure if it's complacency, or some odd mental fear, or what? But I'd get to a successful point with my weight loss and start the odd bingeing. Not gonna let myself do it anymore! This morning, for no reason, I was *really* wanting a doughnut or a sweet roll from SBUX. What the heck? I didn't allow it to happen. Hmm, I just had my period at the beginning of week, maybe I've got some hormonal thing going on.

Anyway, today I wore my "omg these jeans are so tight there's not enough room for me to stick a hand in there to tuck in my shirt" jeans. That'll teach me. :)

Let's see, it's been several whole minutes before I nattered on about Greg and how fun it is to have a man in my life again! I spent the last couple kid-free nights with him. So fun. We didn't really do anything, just stayed at his place and you know, he cooked for me and treated me like a princess. :) In return, I provide backrubs and even a footrub last night. It was POURING down rain all day yesterday and he was out in it all day, soaked to the bone. Poor baby.

This weekend, I'm going to have him hang around the kids a bit. The kids are totally up for it. Greg's coming over after Blake's first Little League game of the season, weather willing. We're going to make clam chowder with my own little chef, Blake. On both Monday and Tuesday when I got home, Blake demanded to know where the clams were. :) He wanted to make chowder for dinner. Boy, my boy loves to cook! Greg loves to cook, too, and has since he was a kid. These two will bond like nobody's business, I am sure of it.

On Sunday, Blake has another game in the afternoon, and we're planning for Greg to come along. That will be interesting. X and his girlfriend and family will be there, I'm sure. But they're all cool. I've talked to X about Greg and had told him I'd be starting to bring Greg around the kids.

Here's an interesting development: I think I'm going to quit my volunteer program. I'm going to talk to my friend Sarah, who manages the volunteers, about taking a leave of absence. Yeah, I want a break because I want to spend time with my new boyfriend. The weather will (HOPEFULLY) be getting nicer, and I don't want to tie up my kid-free Saturdays with a long shift. There's other reasons, too. I'm not sure how much I've mused about it here, but I have been pretty tired of it for awhile now. For the last many shifts, we haven't gotten a single call-out. Eight hours in a car with nothing to do is a long time. You can't really *do* anything, because you've got to keep the radio on, which is loud, and you have to be able to respond to a call-out quickly. The last several shifts, I have really struggled with wanting to be getting stuff done at home: a full weekend day is a lot to give up, especially when you don't feel like you're *doing* anything. And maybe most of all, my bestest volunteer buddy quit the program, too. Spending the day with her was something I greatly looked forward to, and I will miss her terribly. Anyway, I canceled my last shift to go to Ocean Shores last weekend, and in a I'm-a-modern-woman-who-will-not-give-up-my-life-for-a-man way, I really just feel like I want a break from the program. It's been coming for awhile. Greg is merely the proverbial straw. But he's certainly the most appealing one, because when it's my kid-free weekend, I am just giddy at the thought of being with him!


  1. After figuring out that hipbones are hip bones, not hi phones (somebody needs to go running with her iPod) I finished your post.

    I'm so happy for you! You are annoyingly joyful, I love this Julie.

    I guess it's good you didn't have any domestic violence to deal with, but how boring. 8 hours is a long time to give to volunteer doing nothing, I agree.

  2. Well you stopped the sugar train before it got to fully park itself in your hiney, so that is a GOOD thing. And I hear ya on the volunteering thing, hey you work full-time, have 3 kiddos and a new man, somethings are bound to fall off your radar and you might as well start with something you don't HAVE to do!