Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh Yes, You Betcha

Did I have a great weekend? You bet your sweet bippy I did! Wow. I am in total "like" with Sparky - he is just a great guy, all around. Really, really fantastic.

Let's see, so Thursday I tried to poison him with the curdled soup and then locked us out of my house. He was still totally game to see me on Friday, which shows a possible lapse in good judgment on his part, but I took advantage. I ended up spending every minute of the weekend with him and we rode into work together this morning. Gasp! Hey - I'm an adult. :)

We rode into work together this morning with my "Julie-size portion" of lunch he packed for me, which consisted of a delicious fresh veggie and pasta and crab salad he made for lunches last night. With a sliced strawberry and a piece of homemade smoked salmon that he knows I like. This is not a hard man to be around. :)

This was waiting for me by my purse this morning.
Such wonderful fun. I had a great weekend. The weather was absolute junk, but we did go for a drive to see a couple lakes he likes to fish. And we went to Cabela's. ;) And there was a reference to how he will "turn the city girl country." Umm, wrapping me in a blankie in front of the fire and plying me with amazing kisses and great food all weekend is a pretty good way of making me forget the city, I'm just sayin.

We played wii bowling and he tried to re-teach me cribbage (I did know how to play at some point), and we got the boat and the motorcycle started for a bit, which shows promise of springtime to come. I just had a great time and I have to say the chemistry between us is hot, hot, hot and I am looking forward to enjoying this play out.

On a WLS front, I do have to say, eating with someone new, particularly someone who is cooking for you (OMG can this man cook!!!) is a little strange for all parties. My portions are very small, of course. I think he got over very quickly any idea that less than a clean plate meant I didn't love it. By the end of the weekend, many meals later, we seemed to be in a total groove on the cooking and eating.

I tell ya, I've got quite a crush. I spent the weekend scouring for red flags and have not found a single one.


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Love your 'Julie' size portion! Looks delish even if small.

  2. He sounds like a sweetheart Julie. Any man that likes to cook is worth keeping!

  3. No red flags yet is an AWESOME SIGN! Woo hoo! Does he know about surgery? Sorry if I missed it...

  4. He cooks!!! And spends nights in front of fires with you!! No red flags?! Ya, he's a keeper. So glad you're enjoying time with him!

  5. I meant to ask did you tell him about WLS or did I miss that? I know the neighbor said something about the weight loss but wasn't sure if you told him yet about the surgery