Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thank You for the Motivation

So, getting ready to write a quickie this morning, I talked myself into taking the stairs down and back up (just 12 flights each way), so I would have SOMETHING positive to blog about exercise, haha. I owe it to you blog readers! It went very well - I need to get my butt back on those stairs. I'm sorry to report that Barb and I flopped on signing up for the Big Climb. :( Such disorganization, such defeat.

But this isn't an entry about disorganization and defeat! It's a happy entry, because this morning is GLORIOUSLY SUNNY! (and very cold) I am so ready for spring, bring it on, baby! I am going for a nice long walk at lunch time to revel in it. And tomorrow it's supposed to be 61 degrees. I think I shall wear shorts and a tank top to work.

This entry isn't actually about much. :) My weight is holding steady at 149 this morning, so I need to push it back into gear. Plus I'm just coming off my period, the second since my uterine ablation, so I normally drop a few pounds afterward. LOVE THAT ABLATION! Just the tiniest little spotting on the exact day my period was due. More like a little postcard from Mother Nature than a period: "Hi! You're a girl! See ya."

While I'm nattering about my menses, I'll just say that my GYN and a couple of my buddies forewarned me about the post-op nastiness of an ablation. Weeks of discharge, etc. Me? Not one teeny, tiny darn thing. I kept waiting and dreading and it never materialized. So happy! At my one-week post-op appointment I even asked the GYN if he had remembered to do the procedure.

Friday is my six-week post-op appointment and I'm sure I'll be given a clean bill of health. That also means it's about six weeks since I got my hair chopped, so I've been assessing whether to cut it again. HECK YEAH! I like it. I'm still not great at styling it consistently - but like I told my friend, the fun of short hair is that however it ends up is "how I meant to style it that day," haha.

Holly asked about my Sugar Daddy, so I've got to catch her up. :) Don is my coworker and one of my most beloved friends. I think he became my sugar daddy (reluctantly, and with very little payoff) several years ago when I was getting divorced.

(Let's pause for a moment while I reflect on "several years ago when I was getting divorced." WOW! X and I split three years ago this month! We'll be divorced three years in August. WOW! Okay - best. decision. ever. And if you're newly divorced, I can say that what Kim told me is true: it gets better with time. By five years out, you're recovered. I can tell that two years from now the divorce will be old news. Even now, it's pretty darn stabilized. X and I get along quite well, we parent together quite well, everything is pretty darn good. We have our moments, of course. But I was just telling Sabrina the other day that it's been forever since I actively wished him dead. And now if he died I would be so sad for the kids. And for my kid-free time. See? We're all in a much better place three years out, haha! p.s. the conversation was relevant to someone's ex's recent passing - I wasn't just musing offhand over coffee about X's eventual demise.)

Okay, so I was getting divorced and Don and his partner had two gorgeous properties they were selling on Capitol Hill in Seattle. An incredible house and an amazing townhome. Whichever sold first, they planned to live in the other. My own living arrangements were up in the air, so I lobbied Don hard to give me one of the properties out of the generosity of his heart. He resisted. But our friendship was forged (haha, we didn't know each other well at all at the time). Now he's one of my bestest buddies and although he's pretty lame as a sugar daddy, he does come through with SBUX or even dinner sometimes. :) Oh yes, the other part of the Sugar Daddy thing was that I've always lobbied him pretty hard to marry me and take care of me and my children. It would appease his Catholic roots, give his mom some grandbabies, and give me access to a gorgeous home with a giant clawfoot tub. I would just turn a blind-eye to his partner Doug in the house. A marriage of my convenience, in other words. :)

Me and Don at some art thing. With wine. Of course.

And it's the weekend! Well, not really, but it is the kick-off to my kid-free weekend, and you know what that means: date night! I won't see Sparky tonight, but he is picking me up from work tomorrow and I'm making him dinner. Ack. This requires so much domestic goddessness from me, I can hardly stand it. Cleaning, menu planning, cooking. Yikes! Friday we're having lasagna at his place. Not sure about the rest of the weekend, his mom is visiting from out of town. It will be a fun weekend, regardless.

Here, I am compelled to say that if I have any concerns about Sparky, it's our 'homebody to girl-on-the-town" ratio. We are pretty opposite in this regard. You can see by our weekend plans that dating Sparky will likely mean being being plied with yummy food and time spent in a very comfortable home. Umm, that doesn't suck. I'm telling you - I like kissing this guy - I'm willing to put up with a lot to do it, including being made dinner. But, it's winter and the weather is dreary (NOT TODAY, IT ISN'T!!), so I'm content not doing anything. But I'm a do-er. Is he a willing participant? He claims to be. If he doesn't want to do, will he happily step aside while I "do" with my posse? I hope so. If there is any trouble on the horizon, that may be where it lies. Although a lot of my anti-home-body-ness is because of the divorce and loneliness, etc. I may be a happy homebody if I'm happy to be home. We'll see. Let's just flag that for future consideration.

We'll see. Right now I'm just rolling with it, and I am having a wonderful time.


  1. I'm a social butterfly and married a homebody almost 14 blissful years ago. My hunny lets me do my thang and can't wait to hear all about it when I get home! ;) I hope Sparky responds in kind. I LOVE reading about your dating adventures! It's like reading my favorite Nora Roberts book!

  2. I'm fully addicted to reading your blog. It's better than donuts. Thanks for the explanation on Sugar Daddy. Awesome! Is this the first time sparky has ever been to your house? Until we get a picture can you describe what he looks like? You may have already and I missed it. Can I just say the comment about it being awhile since you "actively wished him dead" was so hilarious that I had to copy it and send it to my BFF. She is married and actively wishing her hubby dead on daily basis right now. Mostly b/c he gave her a 3 month supply of Nutri system for her birthday! YIKES! But I've been divorced 6 years which is weird to say b/c it doesn't seem that long and I'm at the same place. I no longer actively wish him dead and in fact would be quite forlorn if he died seeing as I get half his retirement and he pays me a good deal of child support :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. I just found your blog and the last few posts have cracked me up.

    I just had VSG 12 days ago AND I'm in the process of getting divorced after 20 years of marriage. I love reading your comment about how getting divorced was the best decision. I know I will feel that way too after we get through this crazy time. PLUS, I'm getting thin! My second life is just beginning!

    Glad I found you and good luck with the good kisser!