Monday, April 29, 2013

Why Would You Even Ask Me That?

Ha - so, Greg has been around a lot and I have been doing a temperature check with the kids: How is this going? Do you like Greg? Do you like having him around? etc. It's just that they hate their dad's girlfriend so much - I don't want to cause this problem for them at home, too. (And I have to say, the primary reason they hate X's girlfriend - over-parenting - may not not be an issue for them with Greg at some point, too. I think it must be hard to be a  [pseudo] "step-parent." And a step-kid.)

The difference being here, that my boys are alllllll boy, and Greg is allllllllll boy, and so they all just get along swimmingly. Would you like to learn how to:

  • use a hatchet in the back yard? 
  • build a fire?
  • plant a garden?
  • fillet a fish?
  • catch a fish?
  • build a shed?
  • change the oil in a motorcycle?
Well, the answer for my boys to all the above questions is YES! They eat it up. I'll admit that this need in my boys (my oldest, Blake, especially) and Greg's over-the-top-know-how is a huge appeal to me in this relationship. X knows how to do lots of things, too, but I think his living situation (still living with his dad four years after we split) and his working situation (trying to build a struggling small business and massage therapy practice) keep him from having the time necessary to devote to the kids. I'm not judging (well, I am a little bit judging): single parenting keeps me from doing a lot, too. You spend so much time and energy in keeping the family afloat, you miss out on a lot of opportunities in other areas of developing your kids.

Anyway, so the boys especially are crazy about Greg and they love having him around. It was my Blake, a long time ago now, when I asked him how he felt about me dating, that said, "Are you kidding? I'd love to have another man around here!" (implication being that he was the other "man,"which just cracks me up to this day.)

It was a foolish question to ask Reid, age 7, if he likes Greg or not, and he let me know. Reid and Blake and I were in the car, driving to lacrosse. "Do you like Greg?" I asked.

"Why would you even ask me that?" Reid deadpanned. "You know I do. A lot."

Of course. On Friday night, Greg got out the barbeque and the boys built a fire in the fire pit and we grilled burgers (turkey burgers with spinach, feta and sauteed onion, to which Reid announced, "Mom, these burgers just taste BAD.") and hot dogs and s'mores. And we all sat outside until after it got dark, and it felt like summer, even though the next day was cloudy and rainy and cold. Hullo, Seattle weather, welcome back.

Alli, my baby, whom has never once told me she hates me, or she doesn't want to be with me, who tells me at least ten times a day that I am her best friend, who tells me she and her six children are going to live next door to me her whole life...well, she likes Greg, too. In a way that only someone who would really prefer to have her mom to herself and get rid of her brothers so we could just hang out can like a boyfriend of her mother's. She accepts him. If I said, "Whew, that didn't work out with Greg, I'm never going to date again!" she would say, "OKAY Mommy!" and be the happiest little clam on the face of the earth. But she likes Greg, and they get along well. They both like watching The Voice. Greg and I will never, ever find a single of "my" tv shows that we can happily watch together. Sigh. But I'm glad Alli finally found someone who will watch The Voice with her, haha.

Well. Greg and I are going to see The Jersey Boys on Friday night with my friends N & K, aka "Don't You Freaking Hurt Her Again or We'll Kill You." Should be fun. :) We chose a new sports bar for dinner, looking for something that will be close to the theater and not be uncomfortably foo-foo for Country Mouse.

In athletic news, I logged 65 miles on the bike last week (two full commutes, two rides around the neighborhood with Reid and Greg, and in one case, Alli; and Greg's inaugural 12-miler). I'd like to commute two more times this week: today and Friday are out, so we'll see about Tu-Thur. Alli and I are going to the Y after work, she is starting the Couch to 5K program. I am woefully behind on my 30-day squat challenge and I have to kick it back in gear today with 180 squats, which I will commence this afternoon. 

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  1. I would like to order a BAD burger. Yummy!

    Go Alli with the couch to 5k!! I gave that plan to one of the guys in my office and he started it two weeks ago. I'm so excited for both of them...

    And, now I don't need to call you because I'm all caught up.
    Good, the next phone call can be about me again.