Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sticky Wicket


Boy, do I love that game. :) I had never even seen it played before my older son started this season, and now I want both my boys to play in college, haha. I think I should join a women's league, but I hate having my hands hit with sticks!

I think it is very cool that a mom from the opposing team took some gorgeous pictures at one of Blake's (12yo) games and then shared them with our team. I got some great shots of my boy in action:

And then my younger son Reid (7yo) started lacrosse clinics last weekend (no teams for that age yet) and I got the coolest shot from their facebook page:

I am the first to admit that I am easily overwhelmed with parenting. Whew! These guys are hard work - and expensive! But when I see pictures like this, I marvel at what wonderful young men they are becoming and how very, very proud I am of them.


  1. Those are great photos.

    S makes fun of Lacrosse at baseball practice. Mostly because lots of bball players are becoming Lacrosse converts. Poor baseball.

    1. I can imagine how frustrated the baseball people must be. Every year, Blake's baseball team was made up of the same kids as his football team. Now I think his entire football team is playing lacrosse!

  2. The definition of parenting is hard and expensive!! Exactly.

  3. Why didn't I know the definition of parenting before I had four kids?

    I love the photos, Julie! I am still in the clueless lacrosse camp.

  4. Okay, 1. the photos coming from the opposing teams parent is AWESOME! 2. I think lacrosse looks like the hardest sport to play (that net is so tiny the ball is so tiny and it's on a big stick...all = hard to control in my mind) and 3. the peace corps is not the hardest job you will ever love (remember that slogan?) parenting is!