Friday, April 26, 2013

And you thought this was a weight loss, cycling, running blog

Thank you to My First 5K for this fun blog idea this's a clip from of the most frequently used words on my blog, haha. You plug your blog address in and it searches...I have to say, looking a little deeper at the word count, I don't think it goes back more than the last one or two entries, but it's still fun to see!

Go play with it yourself at


  1. Okay I think it's funny that Greg is so big. Esp. considering you didn't use his real name for VERY long time. I tried to do this for my blog but it didn't work. I think because I've elected to not make my blog "searchable" it must prevent them from accessing the words.

    This is REALLY cool Julie!

  2. I think it's so clever. I'm totally going to go play. Thanks

  3. Love it! Mine would probably be "ME." "Ada the dog." "I." "Tendonitis." "My." Goodness, my blog is self-centered!

    Hey! But I wanted you to know that I have a free race entry for the Dilettante Women's Tri on my blog! I know you were thinking about doing the race, and free is always the best!

  4. I'm thinking I need to start talking more positively on my blog because mine is rather depressing lol I'm new to your Hi :) Had VSG 3-20-13. You are a great inspiration.