Friday, April 12, 2013

Breast Bump

Ha, I am struggling for a post title, so you're stuck with that one! I had my follow-up mammogram today, which then led to an immediate follow-up ultrasound, so no frayed nerves there, right? But no worries, all is well! They said with all the weight loss, my breast tissue has changed, and what started out a little dense is now real dense. I'll go back in six months for another mammogram just to be sure. And they said if I end up doing a breast lift or breast augmentation in the future, they'll want to biopsy this density beforehand so they have a definitive answer of what exactly it is.

Whew. Coincidentally, while I was in the waiting room, my mom walked in! Was she there to support me in my time of stress? No! She had forgotten all about my recheck, haha. Thanks mom. But she had been spurred on to schedule her own late mammogram, admitting she was six months overdue. She had talked to my ex-mother-in-law, who is currently getting radiation for her own early-detected breast cancer. I was very glad that my mom got in, and glad to talk to X's mom this morning to tell her about the chance meeting in the waiting room and to hear that her treatment is going well.

Glad that's all over. Now I can dish on boys some more. While I eat Hot Tamales. It's another sex and candy post, haha. Things are going great with Greg - I am pleased and optimistic. The other night was wonderful - we went back to my place after work and then I headed out for my Wednesday night ride. He stayed home and made dinner (baked salmon and homemade coleslaw - yum) and cleaned the kitchen. Heaven. :) 

He's been really great and sure is being sweet and well, courtly. Yesterday we met at his place after work and walked down to the beach, then out to dinner. This weekend I think we're going on a long drive - he has an ambitious drive in mind but I am thinking something closer. Next weekend we're going to Eastern Washington for my son's lacrosse tournament, so I don't think we need another 300 mile drive tomorrow. :)

Thank you all for your sweet comments, and Sheila, you're reference to your mammogram post from last fall made me feel much better and I appreciate it! Also, hello and welcome to my couple of new followers! I'll be back later with a more substantive post, I'm spread a little thin today. Have a great weekend!


  1. You just happened to run into your mom while getting a mammogram?!? Seriously!! LOL

    Glad all went well. :-)

  2. I'm glad everything went well!
    Also, glad things are going so great with Greg! He better keep it up!

  3. Glad that all turned out well! Greg is stepping it up! ;)


  4. YAY! Glad all is well with the girls!! And with Greg too.

    And how funny that you just happened to run into your mom at the US. Sigh, what we women go through! Glad my experience helped you. It is NO fun being called back in for more "tests."

  5. I had a similar issue with breast tissue after weight loss. Glad all is well!
    I want to know how the move-out went with Mr. W!