Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy, Happy

The sun has been out in Seattle, well, mostly - yesterday it stayed super foggy until nearly 4 p.m., then turned GLORIOUSLY sunny. And when the sun is out, so am I! I learned many years ago that I need to take advantage of that sunshine when we get it, or I am one giant crankypants. I'm happy to say I've been making the most of it:

- I rode my bike to and/or from work four days this week. Looks like I should log over 77 commuter miles this week, if I don't wimp out and ask Greg to pick me up after work. See, my private parties are really sore from wearing what was probably the most inappropriate undergarment on my ride home yesterday: a thong. Halfway home on the commute, I almost stopped and took off my panties, it was that bad. :)

(TMI, you say? Well, to that, I say, "Hello, and welcome, brand new first time blog reader! TMI is my specialty!")

Well, I thought I was fine for the ride this morning, and I even put on my padded bike shorts to be sure. I was NOT FINE. It was another gorgeous, glorious morning, and I spent most of my ride thinking about my nether regions.

Except when I passed the "Bike to Work Month" special table of cute boys handing out free cookies and water bottles! Then I thought, "Hey, what's on that table, what are they doing?" but I was going by pretty fast and I was already running late, and by the time I saw COOKIES I was already heading down the hill and didn't want to turn back. But I thought about cookies for most of the rest of the way. And free water bottles, but I didn't have any way to carry it anyway, since my own filled bottle was occupying my bottle holder.

So. I'm not sure if I'll call for a ride home or not. We'll would be another beautiful ride, though. I do have the option of leaving my bike here over night, and that would allow me to bring home my book (Gone Girl) that I am dying to finish this weekend. However, I ordered a bike rack and back from amazon, specifically so I can carry things like, OHHHH, my book and a lunch when I ride to work. That will be here today or tomorrow, and if I ride home, I'll be able to put it on over the weekend. Decisions, decisions. It is pretty irritating to not be able to carry hardly anything on my bike, I must say. I don't even have a reasonable backpack to use! The one time I tried riding with a backpack, it was a freaking headache. To ride a lot, or a longish distance, I think you need a very small pack that is made for cyclists. Mine swung all over as I pedaled, plus on the hills it was just a HASSLE.

Whew, I gather you understand how dramatic this bike storage rack issue is for me by now, yes? I'll drop it, then. :)

The title of this post is "Happy, Happy," because, well, I am. I love sunny weather (I should move, I should move) and I am in love, and my children are mostly sweet and wonderful. Greg and I are doing awesomely and if I haven't said it here before, I'll say it now, this is the relationship I wanted with him the first time around and felt sure we could have. I am having a wonderful time.

More later. :) Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Gone Girl is my next book after I read the U book. Great Gatsby is done. Whew.

    I'm so happy you are happy. However, I was just wondering if you were ever going to blog again. Thank goodness I can stop wondering now.

  2. Oh Julie, What are you doing? 1) No undies on the bike, especially if you're wearing spandex. If you're wearing work pants, ok, but more seams = more opportunity for chafing. Speaking of which 2) Chamois cream. I think you'd be particularly amused by the one called "Hoo Ha Ride Glide".

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Gone Girl is AWESOME! I loved it. And your TMI line made me spew, so I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything. :)

    Oh, and it sounds like the Hoo Ha Ride Glide would be the start of another post....

  4. Cookies for the healthy bike riders? Ha....nice that you are riding....good for you.

  5. You were thinking of cookies and water bottles and not the cute boys??? You MUST be in love!!!

    I have the sample of Gone Girl in my kindle, now you all made me think I should buy it for Mother's Day. ;-)

    Missed you blogging too! So happy you are happy. :-)

  6. You didn't need that cookie anyway! :)

    I am not a hardcore cyclist by any means but I found a really cool fanny pack belt thingy that holds two 20 oz bottles of water and has a pouch with enough room for first aid items, small tools, a packable jacket, & more. :)

  7. wow- great job Julie!!!

  8. Yes I have the underwear dilemna too. But I do use that hoo ha ride glide, so most of the time I am okay. But really, ugh to chafing! Or how I am always readjusting to sit my booty on the seat instead of my crotch. That NEVER feels good, even with padded bike shorts.

  9. The underwear thing cracked me up. I did that when I first started! Its bike shorts commando permanently now! Lol