Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm So Over You.

Starting weight: 151.8
Freakout weight: 145
Today's weight: 149.0
Freakout factor: WHATEVER.

Ugh, I am so over that scale. Look, I'm trying. Admittedly, I haven't done the protein shakes this week. But I'm eating well, and gosh, I have really been exercising a lot this week. It will all even out. I'll continue to weigh myself daily for awhile just because not doing so is what gets me in trouble in the first place. At bare minimum, I think I have my sweet tooth back under control: no candies this week!

Hey, yesterday was a BANNER DAY! I put my bike on the bus for the first time and I rode my bike home for the first time. It was awesome! It was also anti-climatic, hahaha. I've put off commuting home out of fear of those two things: bus rack and the piece from downtown to the I-90 bridge. Both were ridiculously easy. :) Funny how you create these mental hurdles for yourself. The ride from my office to the bridge is only about three miles, and only has one somewhat dicey intersection. But it's such a bicycle-commuter thoroughfare, I crossed that intersection with SIX other cyclists who just happened to be there.

The rest of the ride is just the standard course I've ridden a hundred times now. Strava said my whole commute was 11.4 miles and took me 53 minutes. Now the plan is to get started commuting regularly, at least by repeating yesterday's adventure: bus in, ride home.

So of course it's pouring down rain today. And it's supposed to through Monday. But that's okay, because after three days of climbing 62 flights, plus the couple rides yesterday, plus a half an hour on the treadmill last night...I decided my legs get the day off today. I might do the stairs later. Probably not. Okay, how's this? I'll do the stairs if my friend Barb both initiates and orchestrates the event. She says she wants to do it, then blows me off. :) So I'll leave it in her hands today, haha.

On the man front, I hadn't heard from Mr. W in a couple days, but he did text me at 3:30 a.m. saying he does want to meet this weekend to get his stuff. He will have a whole van load, and then we will have to figure out things like how to get his treadmill back to him, too. Seriously, he was moving in with me one trip at a time, every time he came. I should have picked up on this sooner as a red flag. I know I said it before, but I have *nothing* at his house: no toothbrush, no spare change of clothes.

Greg is out of state with his daughter this week so nothing is going on there. He has been very good about saying nice and supportive things on the phone or by text. And also having fun - this had turned into such an issue with Matt and I have to say, going back into it with Greg, he isn't the first person you think of when you think "fun," hahaha. But something is very different chemistry-wise between me and the two boys (ugh, I am such a harlot), so it's okay. Neither men are boring at all, but neither is busting you up with laughter, either. Is this okay with me? I think so. Greg and I are laughing a whole lot this time around, mainly due to the fact that I am not filtering my obnoxiousness for him anymore. :) Poor man. Maybe because we're TALKING so much more, instead of me mooning over him. That man is here on a trial basis and the interview of a lifetime. Roar.


  1. Roar! You know what you want!

    Congrats again on the bike commute. I have so many mental hurdles when it comes to new things. Delighted that you had such a success with this one.

  2. AWESOME on the bike ride. Loving the boy talk - so glad I found you!

  3. I want to shank my scale. Today is day 5 at the same weight, after a whole series of brilliant food days.

    So glad you figured out your commute! I used to ride to/from work once a week or so during Daylight Saving Time, before my knee got so bad. Now I'm thinking I'd better get started again.

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  5. The scale can be plain rude! Congrats on the bike ride

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